born 1897

When Amelia Earhart took flight, she landed an enduring place in the public's imagination. An early aviation pioneer, Amelia broke multiple records. And, did it in trend-setting style. Her hard work won a worldwide following for her words + deeds, ultimately advancing the professional prospects of her sex and her field.

Famous in her own time, the unsolved mystery of Amelia's daring last flight has secured her status as cultural icon. The plane she tried to take around the world may still be lost, but the bold beauty remains powerfully present in pop culture. We look to her as a woman willing to take big risks to make her own + others' big dreams possible.

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"The most difficult thing is the decision to act; the rest is merely tenacity."

The Official Website of Amelia Earhart | january 1900

"Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace."

Courage | circa 1927

"I cannot guarantee to endure at all times the confinement of even an attractive cage."

premarital agreement with George P Putnam | february 1931

"On our life together I want you to understand I shall not hold you to any midaevil code of faithfulness to me nor shall I consider myself bound to you similarly."

premarital agreement with George P Putnam | february 1931

"I know a great many boys who should be making pies—and a great many girls who would be better off in manual training."

Barnard Athletic Association Dinner | may 1931

"I like cooking as a pastime, but I have not progressed to that point where I can be assisted much. I need the whole kitchen to myself, with plenty of time and dishes."

Girl flier finds fun in cooking | circa 1932

"My favorite dish is cake. A cake is such an interesting thing, it changes its character so much in baking. More happens from beginning to end than in most cooking."

Girl flier finds fun in cooking | circa 1932

"The cross country air derby for women . . . was generally called the 'powder puff derby' and those who flew in it variously as 'Ladybirds', 'Angels' or 'Sweethearts of the Air'. (We are still trying to get ourselves called just 'pilots'.)"

The Fun of It | january 1932

"If women were drafted it might tend to end war. It would spoil all the fun if women tagged along."

Draft Women Along With Men in War, Amelia Earhart Urges as Peace Move | march 1934

"This modern world of science and invention is of particular interest to women, for the lives of women have been more affected by its new horizons than those of any other group."

A Woman's Place in Science | 1935

"Profound and stirring as have been accomplishments in the remoter fields of pure research, it is in the home that the applications of scientific achievement have perhaps been most far-reaching."

A Woman's Place in Science | 1935

"No other phase of modern progress contrives to maintain such a brimming measure of romance and beauty, coupled with utility as does aviation."

A Woman's Place in Science | 1935

"Those can appreciate rewards most who have helped create."

A Woman's Place in Science | 1935

"I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others."

letter to George Palmer Putnam | january 1937

"Decide...whether or not the goal is worth the risk involved. If it is, stop worrying."

Last Flight | 1937

"Hamlet would have been a bad aviator. He worried too much."

Last Flight | 1937

"There is so much women can do in the modern world and should be permitted to do irrespective of their sex."

Last Flight | 1937

"Probably my greatest satisfaction was to indicate by example now and then, that women can sometimes do things themselves if given the chance."

Last Flight | 1937

"Who would refuse an invitation to such a shining adventure?"

Last Flight | 1937
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