born 1984

Anita Sarkeesian set out to shine a light on misogyny and sexism in pop culture. Doing so made her the victim of an online hate campaign. A feminist media critic, her commentary raises provocative questions about how women are portrayed in film, TV, comics + video games.

Anita is best known for "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games," a video series that generated extensive media coverage when a Kickstarter effort prompted male gamers to cyber bully Anita. The harassment didn't silence her. As Wired magazine recently reported, she is a gamer who's "waging a war on sexism." 

Look to her to keep bravely pointing out stereotypes so commonplace that we often neglect to see them.

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"In addition to gender equity, the end of patriarchy might give us better entertainment too!"

Feministing.com | march 2011

"Women are not here for men’s inspiration or celebration or whatever else."

Tropes vs. Women: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl | march 2011

"I love playing video games but I’m regularly disappointed in the limited and limiting ways women are represented."

Kickstarter campaign | may 2012

"At the very core it's really about working towards the equal treatment of women."

From Samus to Lara | june 2012

"Every day I am encouraged by the women who persevere, who continue to engage and who refuse to be silenced."

TEDxWomen 2012 | december 2012

"A 'boys club' means no girls allowed."

TEDxWomen 2012 | december 2012

"I don’t think that the price of admission to the world of gaming should be to have to disconnect from your emotional capacity or distance yourself from your own humanity. I don’t think that’s a fair trade."

Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Why It Matters | may 2013

"The power of pop culture stories should not be underestimated."

Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Why it Matters | may 2013

"The truth is that inspirational women are, in fact, very 'historically accurate' and as such there is no excuse for the failure to include heroic female characters."

Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Why it Matters | may 2013

"My detractors ... regularly fabricate fake quotes and attribute them to me in an ongoing effort to discredit my series."

Mother Jones | may 2014

"One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences."

XOXO Festival | september 2014
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