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The first name that usually comes to mind when someone says, "Girl Scouts," is founder Juliette Gordon-Low. But, watch out, Daisy. Anna Maria Chávez is changing that ~ bringing the girls into the spotlight as future leaders. The first Latina CEO of the Girl Scouts started scouting at age 10, and spent her early career in public service. In fact, she didn't know the organization had a CEO until she was recruited to helm the Southwest Texas council. To her, the "face of the Girl Scouts was the volunteer troop leader." 

Not anymore. From Girl Scout campouts on the White House lawn to a reinvention of the famous cookies for the digital age, Anna is shaking up the institution ~ and bringing it back to its roots ~ to make sure today's young scouts become tomorrow's world trailblazers.

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"You don't have to wait 20 years to be a leader. You can be a leader now."

How Laughter, Teamwork, and Unplugging Can Enhance Your Career | [2011]

"I got the sense that it was cool to be a girl, that it was a bigger world than I'd thought and that I could do anything I wanted."

Anna Maria Chávez ~ New Ways to be a Girl Scout | may/june 2011

"You are strong, smart and bold."

Girl Scout Centennial | march 2012

"Too often, nonprofits are viewed as rigid and bureaucratic—less nimble and capable of adapting in this fluid environment than our corporate counterparts. I don't agree."

A New Vision for a New Girl Scouting Century | february 2013

"We are more than cookies, camps and crafts. Our movement is about developing young women into leaders and visionaries, women who will change the world for the better."

A New Vision for a New Girl Scouting Century | february 2013

"Instead of standing rigid against cultural change, we embraced it, flowed with it, and used it as a blueprint to revitalize our brand."

A New Vision for a New Girl Scouting Century | february 2013

"Girls are opting out of leadership positions. Why is that? What are the messages we have to send so they opt back in?"

Makers: Women who make America | april 2013

"There is no bigger challenge, nor greater opportunity, than to lead an organization through a period of transition."

A Movement in Transition | july 2013

"A box of girl scout cookies is not a political statement. It is an investment in a girl and her dreams."

Chavez sets the record straight | february 2014

"For getting my day started, coffee is nice, but a dose of inspiration reminds me that anything is possible, that each day is a chance to make a difference in this world."

My Tech Essentials | may 2014

"Music to me is a connector."

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chávez's Favorite Gadgets | may 2014

"We still want girls playing in dirt, climbing mountains, camping."

Leading the way for STEM education for girls | july 2014

"I was put in a column and it was called girls at risk…girls who may not have the opportunity to succeed in life because of their economic situation, because where they were born, what zip code they were living in."

Enterprising Women 2014: Learn to Lead | august 2014

"Bringing more women into the ranks of leadership means starting with girls."

Celebrating the Future of Female Leadership | may 2015
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