born 1975

All of Kosovo was surprised when little-known police officer Atifete Jahjaga was elected the country's fourth president ~ but none more so than Atifete herself. A woman with a strong commitment to justice + equality, she nevertheless had no political aspirations. But, when called by her country she responded. And with such dedication + strength, she's helped rebuild the small country in the wake of the devastating Yugoslav war of the 1990s.

Fluent in Albanian, English + Serbian, Atifete's first love was law. But when the national police began recruiting women in an effort to restore the people's trust in the institution, she responded. Rising through the ranks to Deputy General Director before becoming president, she hasn't stopped her mission to protect + serve. A champion of equal rights for women + justice for victims of wartime sexual assault, she's helping to build a free + safe Kosovo ~ and a fighter for global women's rights.

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"Since we cannot change the past, we will build the future by learning from the mistakes of the past."

electoral address | april 2011

"I was ready to serve when called by my country."

electoral address | april 2011

"When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions."

Frontiers in Development Conference | june 2012

"In a world in which our values are constantly being challenged, we must stand together around ideals that define us."

commencement address at University of Leicester | july 2015

"We don't have guns. We have bread."

Georgetown University | september 2015

"Without their peace, we cannot find peace as well."

screening of the “Thinking of You” making-of documentary | october 2015
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