born 1949

Have fun. Dare. Never take "no" for an answer. Figure out your best assets and flaunt 'em. All lessons Barbara Corcoran learned from her mother, and all ones she's put to good use. 

Failure, she says, is her best motivator ~ and refusing to give in to it has made her career a major success. A less than stellar student due to dyslexia, Barbara had 20 jobs by the time she was 23. Then, she borrowed $1000 to break into real estate with the Corcoran Group. Some 28 years later, that 1000 bucks became $66 million. 

After hanging up her signature red suit, Barbara took a seat on ABC's venture capital reality show The Shark Tank where she continues to advise + invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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"It's still about being noticed."

The Real Estate 'Queen' in Her Hive | september 2005

"I probably need a shrink, but instead I'll build a business."

the real deal | january 2006

"I'd rather make a big mistake and recover than live a lifetime with regret."

At home with ... Barbara Corcoran | january 2006

"I buy with my heart, then justify with my brain."

At home with ... Barbara Corcoran | january 2006

"People love lines because they're convinced they're in the right one."

Home viewing | april 2006

"Dear Mark, I understand you've asked another girl to dance instead of me. Although I appreciate being reserved as a fallback, I'm much more accustomed to coming in first."

to Mark Burnett, producer of ABC's Shark Tank | 2009

"Life is never a smooth line."

Getting Real TV | april 2011

"What drove me was simply my determination not to have anybody laugh at me ever again."

Getting Real TV | april 2011

"The real heroes in life are the people I've met who didn't have the upbringing...and somehow, at some point along the way, just decided that there was no longer an excuse for not making of themselves what they wanted."

Getting Real TV | april 2011

"I have tough judgment, but a soft touch. There's no place for meanness in business."

The Art of Being Barbara | march 2013

"The business was worked by women and owned by men ... I was not welcome, but I was noticed."

From Waitress to Real Estate Queen | june 2013

"It's not how well you sell or talk. It's how well you take a hit and how long you take to feel sorry for yourself."

Business Insider | november 2013

"Insecurity is a wonderful motivator."

Business Insider | november 2013

"Pushy people always deliver! Persist past 'no' until 'no' becomes 'yes'!"

@BarbaraCorcoran | may 2014

"The number one rule in sales is everybody wants what everybody wants and nobody wants what nobody wants."

Everbody Wants What Everybody Wants | may 2014

"Don't waste any time thinking about doing it, just get out there when you're young and too stupid to know any better."

ABC News | may 2014

"Fun is the most underutilized tool in business today."

Fun is Good for Business | june 2014

"Harebrained schemes often lead to great discoveries."

@BarbaraCorcoran | august 2014

"My mother told me to always offer the next kid the bigger piece and your piece would taste better."

facebook post | january 2015
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