born 1990

Kauai kid Bethany Hamilton took up surfing at age 5 and always dreamed of going pro. Her career seemed like it was over before it began when a shark attack left her missing an arm at the age of 13. But, the faithful Bethany battled her way back to her board ~ riding her first tunnel just a month later and going on to win national competitions.

The "soul surfer's" story of overcoming has inspired millions as it was broadcast over news channels, in print + through a feature film. Today, Bethany is a champion of fitness, health and spirituality who offers Christian devotionals to help others "rise above" the sea-changes life brings + revel in the things we love.

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"I got attacked by a shark."

Surfer on Her Way Up, Brought Down by a Shark | october 2003

"'Two brothers!' That's my answer when people ask me why I'm so competitive."

Soul Surfer | january 2004

"I am still learning how to cope every day. I'm not talking about learning how to button my top with one hand. I'm talking about coping with being a celebrity, something I never imagined that I would have to deal with at the age of fourteen."

Soul Surfer | january 2004

"Here's the thing: a shark story fascinates people."

Soul Surfer | january 2004

"I got back in the water because I couldn't stay out of it."

Ask Bethany | january 2007

"If you swim in a lake or the ocean, there are going to be live creatures swimming around you—that's where they live. They're not interested in you."

Ask Bethany | january 2007

"Sharks eat fish, sea birds, and seals. They eat dead fish and other sea animals to keep the ocean clean. Their menu doesn't include people."

Ask Bethany | january 2007

"For me soul surfing is just being passionate about the ocean and surfing. That's what I am. I'm passionate about being out there and enjoying God’s creation."

What is a Soul Surfer? | march 2011

"By encouraging other people, I end up getting encouraged by them."

Makers | march 2012

"Every wave you catch is unique from the one before. I just love the freshness of it."

Bethany Hamilton - 10 Years Since Shark Attack | november 2013

"Love God, love others, and love yourself."

Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life | may 2014
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