born 1986

Cassey Ho wanted to be a fashion designer; her parents wanted her to be a medical doctor. But the honors bio student ultimately discovered a different dream ~ building her own hugely popular health + fitness brand on social media. 

Now, the part-time Pilates instructor has become YouTube's #1 fitness star. Her vlogs regularly serve up fresh, fun routines + "clean, cheap eats." Cassey's secret to scoring more than a million followers? Listening to what they want...And, not sleeping.

The energetic entrepreneur also hasn't let go of her early love of fashion. Cassey designed her own lines of chic active wear + gym accessories so fans can "train like a beast, look like a beauty!"

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"Train insane or remain the same."

blogilates | 2012

"Figure out what you’re all about and be you to the max."

Cassey Ho | january 2013

"Find a workout you love that you want to be better at. Instead of focusing on how many pounds you're losing, you can focus on improving your performance, and you'll find happiness through that journey."

How I Got This Body: Cassey Ho, 26, 'Blogilates' | november 2013

"Not everyone has to be a runner or a crossfitter. If dancing is your thing, join a dance class and you’ll find that you’re getting a great workout without feeling like it’s a chore."

Get Fit in 2014 with Blogilates | january 2014

"YouTube is a place where creators can make content and unleash it into the online world without anyone telling us how our nose should look or how much we should weigh. We can say whatever we want to whoever will listen."

A Chat With Cassey Ho | april 2014

"I realize now that I am not just an instructor at a gym, but that I am a role model and leader in the fitness industry. It is my responsibility to do whatever I can to help people get healthier while feeling confident and happy in their body."

A Chat With Cassey Ho | april 2014

"When you feel good, you feel that you look good, and then you perform even better. It's an amazing cycle."

Cassey Ho: Meet YouTube's Fitness Star | may 2014

"My goal is to teach people how to help themselves. Everything I do helps POPsters cultivate friendships with fitness as a common goal."

Cassey Ho Follows Her Heart | september 2014

"It's not all about the scale. It's about what you're made of!"

Train Insane or Remain the Same HIIT Workout! | september 2014
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