born 1993

One of the most promising musicians alive today, Cicely Parnas is most known for her highly distinctive sound + stage presence. As a cellist, she began her studies at the age of 4 and made her concert debut at 11. In her short career, she has already performed at Carnegie Hall + the Kennedy Center, and internationally in Tokyo, Beijing + London.

Cicely + her sister Madalyn perform as the aptly named duo parnas. With a unique style and intense dedication, Cicely has quickly risen to prominence ~ her career trajectory should carry her to many more resounding successes. 

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"[T]here is no definite measuring stick with which one can judge art."

Cicely's Cello Blog | january 2010

"[Teaching] is such a rich experience, watching someone else begin on the same path that I am following, and being there to help and be a part of it."

Cicely's Cello Blog | may 2010

"Playing new music is such a joy for me because I feel that I am participating in and making a contribution to the future of classical music."

Cicely's Cello Blog | march 2011

"Learning to practice well is a long, sometimes painful process fraught with frustrating trials and errors, but if one’s approach is positive, attentive, and objective, then this process can be accelerated."

Cicely's Cello Blog | april 2011

"Mistakes are inevitable, but making them enough times will negate your practicing entirely."

Cicely's Cello Blog | april 2011

"Music was a part of my life, essentially from the beginning. … It was a gradual acceleration to where I am now."

Performance Today | december 2011

"There's so much beauty in every note and there's so much to be discovered."

Performance Today | december 2011

"I wanted to be everything. I wanted to be a dancer, I wanted to be a singer, I wanted to be a writer, I wanted to be an equestrian. But ultimately, I'm with the cello."

Performance Today | december 2011
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