born 1971

By 5th grade, Reagan Flowers still didn't know her multiplication tables. With supportive teachers on her side, Reagan finished 6th grade as an honors student, going on to earn multiple graduate degrees and become a pioneering force in STEM education.

Reagan draws on her childhood and teaching experiences to keep enhancing C-STEM ~ the organization she founded to develop 21st-century curricula that integrate communication + leadership skills with tech training. A self-described student who "beat the odds," she is living proof of the transformative power of education.

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"I overcame my personal challenges with learning because I had teachers that taught me how to learn."

Changemakers | august 2011

"If you can't read and write, you can't do math and science."

Early STEM Program Still Going Strong | september 2011

"I believe in the power of collaboration and partnering to bring about the change we wanted to see in our community."

ALF Houston | january 2013

"Children cannot dream or become that which they have not been exposed to..."

Dr. Reagan Flowers | february 2014

"Let’s do our part and not let a single child go hungry, let’s feed their minds and bodies—let’s prepare them for a future they have not dreamed for themselves."

Kids Growing-up In Poverty in the Most Powerful Country | november 2014

"Everything starts with a single idea."

Problem Solvers are in High Demand | november 2014

"I am firmly of the belief that everyone is an artist and an engineer."

The Game is On | april 2015
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