born 1948

When Dr. Susan Love started practicing surgery in 1980, she didn't want to specialize in women's health just because she was female. But then she saw how women were being treated ~ from overuse of mastectomies to not always being told they had cancer. "A career," she says, "became a mission."

For 30 years Dr. Love has transformed our understanding of breast cancer and its treatment as a surgeon, author, lecturer, activist, patient advocate + cancer survivor. She currently is a clinical professor of surgery at The David Geffen School of Medicine. She also runs the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, a $4 million research program devoted to beating breast cancer ~ a disease she is determined to see disappear in her lifetime.

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"Breast cancer is like mental health. The early forms are neurotic and can be treated. The later forms are psychotic, and it's more difficult."

A day with: Dr. Susan Love | june 1994

"Only 10 percent of breast cancer is hereditary."

Dr. Susan Love Breast Cancer Myths Revealed | march 2011

"The only difference between a researcher and a patient is a diagnosis. We’re all patients."

Susan Love’s Illness Gives New Focus to Her Cause: The Well Column | february 2013

"Whether it’s changing the world or having a good time, we should do what we want to do. I drink the expensive wine now."

The Well Column: Susan Love’s Illness Gives New Focus to Her Cause | february 2013

"It soon became apparent to me that what started as career really was gonna be a mission."

MAKERS Profile | february 2013

"I'm too old to fight with people. We just want to bring everybody to the table who can help us find the cause and end this disease so that our kids don't have to have breast cancer in their lives."

Breast Cancer Expert Dr. Susan Love | may 2013

"What you learn with any disease is, even if 99% of people die, if you live, you’re alive."

Breast Cancer Expert Dr. Susan Love | may 2013

"We can be the generation that stops breast cancer, but it will take all of us, an Army of Women!"

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book | august 2014
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