born 1971

When she was starting out, Dyllan McGee turned down her dream internship at the Today show to work at a small production company ~ gutsy considering she originally wanted to be the next Katie Couric! Two decades later, she'd produced numerous award-winning documentaries and become a partner in the company.

Today, Dyllan's re-imagining the documentary with MAKERS ~ her innovative digital project that aims to tell the stories of all the groundbreaking women who've shaped the US. Though her good work will never be complete, it's already the largest online video archive of its kind. Known as "Relentless McGee" for her persistence, Dyllan celebrates women's history + leadership through visionary storytelling.

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"I was a product of the women's movement without even knowing what the women's movement was."

Free to be…Me | february 2013

"It's easy to sit back and believe in change, but not stand up for it—standing up takes effort and risk and that can be uncomfortable."

Free to be…Me | february 2013

"Even when the barriers are broken, the hurt of being left out is hard to get over."

Women In Hollywood | february 2013

"Success to me is knowing that you are doing what you are great at."

Refinery29 | march 2013

"We don't want all women running companies any more than we want all men running companies—it's when everyone comes together that we succeed."

How do you create a better world for women? | january 2014

"Don't worry about people liking you . . . We all try to please, and being a leader isn't about that."

How do you create a better world for women? | january 2014

"When we get down to brass tacks, it's about policy change. It's both how you can personally lean in, and then what organizational policies need to change."

How do you create a better world for women? | january 2014

"Diversity makes the difference."

How do you create a better world for women? | january 2014

"There’s nothing quite like being in a room with like-minded women working toward a common cause."

Feminism, One Conference at a Time | may 2014

"You can shape your destiny. You can make things happen. You're in control of change."

Teen Vogue | november 2014

"There’s nothing better than hearing somebody’s story in their own voice."

fbomb | december 2014

"I think making noise is the only way to get it done."

Dyllan McGee at NM on Rainey | march 2015

"Turn your no's into yes's."

OWN IT moments | march 2015
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