born 1956

Grace Young grew up idolizing Julia Child + studying French cooking. As a culinary arts pro, she ran the test kitchen for Time-Life cookbooks and specialized in consulting on healthful recipes for media outlets + educational institutions. It wasn't until the New Yorker returned to her Bay-Area culinary heritage that she found her true calling as a chef ~ to be a wok evangelist. 

Grace was raised by Cantonese home cooks whose simple, savory dishes were crafted from a "yin-yang" principle of complimentary flavors and properties. Today, she has 3 award-winning cookbooks that celebrate and preserve the wisdom of the Chinese kitchen while teaching foodies everywhere how to wok their way to the perfect stir-fry.

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"Growing up in San Francisco, I ate Cantonese home-style food every day. These were not dishes found on restaurant menus, but rich, savory dishes with pure, simple flavors that are the hallmark of a home cook."

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen | may 1999

"The power and wisdom of Chinese cooking goes far beyond mastering the more complex cooking techniques or even knowing the ingredients . . . It is a cuisine based on opposites, the yin-yang principles of cooking."

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen | may 1999

"Today the wok remains the center of family life in much of China. It is the iron thread that connects two thousand years of Chinese culinary history."

The Breath of a Wok | september 2004

"For the Chinese, a stir-fry is a revered dish—the quintessential balance of flavor, texture, and unique seared aroma."

Interview: Grace Young, Cookbook Author | october 2004

"Over time my esteem for stir-frying has only grown. I see it as a way of life, both timeless and timely."

Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Mastery, with Authentic Recipes and Stories | may 2010

"I consider stir-frying a form of culinary magic in which ingredients are transformed."

Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Mastery, with Authentic Recipes and Stories | may 2010

"Home cooking is really a lost art."

Interview with Grace Young | september 2010

"If there isn't sizzle, something's wrong."

Cooking for One: A stir-fry lesson from the wok queen | october 2010

"The New Year's celebration is all about doing things that bring good luck. Everything must be new, fresh, and positive."

What to Cook for Chinese New Years | january 2011

"Shrimp is considered a very lucky item because the word for it in Cantonese, ha, sounds like laughter; it will bring you happiness and joy."

Stir-Frying for the Lunar New Year | january 2012

"Preserve your culinary legacy. Someday those recipes could be the one link we have to reach our loved ones."

Year of the Ram by Grace Young | february 2015
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