born 1966

Heidi Ganahl and her husband had 2 rescue dogs who inspired them to write up a business plan ~ for a doggy daycare center. Then, her husband died in a plane crash. A million-dollar settlement, two failed startups and one failed marriage later, Heidi decided to give up on what was "practical" and return to her passion. She launched the first Camp Bow Wow in 2000. Today, it's the largest doggy daycare franchise in what has become a 5 billion-dollar industry.

The pet care mogul is also giving back to canines who aren't among her campers with a foundation that fosters dogs, renovates shelter and creates therapy programs. It's all part of a brand whose success is based caring. As Heidi's motto goes ~ "Don't put the dollar before the dog."

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"Don't put the dollar before the dog."

The SmartGirls Way | december 2011

"While many people consider themselves pet lovers, some people are what the industry refers to as 'pet humanizers': people who treat their pet as a member of the family."

What to Consider When Including a Pet in Your Wedding | may 2013

"I have always loved dogs. They don't play emotional games—they just love you, love you, love you."

It Ain't Over...Till It's Over | april 2014

"Failure is just a step towards greatness. Don't fear it, embrace it!"

Women in Business | may 2014

"I'm like a pit bull. I don't give up easily."

Scion Motivatour | may 2015

"Dogs were my passion, and franchising was how I helped other people follow their passion."

The Art of the Comeback | july 2015

"To come back, we gave back. That is the art of the comeback."

The Art of the Comeback | july 2015

"At least once a week, some one says to me that my life is like a made-for-tv movie."

The Art of the Comeback | july 2015
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