born 1982

Jessica Metcalfe went from studying fashion history to making fashion history as an entrepreneur on a mission to empower Native American designers. 

When she was doing doctoral research on contemporary indigenous fashion, Jessica began to realize how often the fashion industry profited off "tribal trends" and stereotypes of Native culture while excluding real Native artists from the racks + runways. She decided it was time to create a multimedia platform that encourages people to support authentic indigenous designers. Beyond Buckskin Boutique now features artful apparel, jewelry + accessories from more than 40 Native makers. And, its founder has become a leading voice in a movement to "buy Native" + promote meaningful cross-cultural collaborations to set a new path for the future of fashion.

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"Just say no to crotch feathers."

Beyond Buckskin | december 2012

"My role models transcend time."

Native American Fashion from the 1940s to the Present, and into the Future | march 2013

"Fashion is a form of expression and a form of communication. What we wear says something about who we are. From high-end fashion to ready-to-wear clothing, fashion is a daily performance of identity."

Native American Fashion from the 1940s to the Present, and into the Future | march 2013

"We’re looking into these ideas of authenticity without buying into stereotypes."

The Indigenous New Media Symposium | february 2014

"Vital to any critique is a plan to move forward."

A How-To Guide! | march 2014

"Our ancestors were stylish."

Appropriate or Appropriation? | december 2014

"Any time I throw out a critique, I also like to offer up a solution or an alternative path."

NextGen Native | april 2015

"The body is the canvas where multi-dimensional stories become tactile and are visualized."

Buckskin to Bikinis | april 2015

"Contemporary designers are critical bridges from the well-documented 'traditional' clothing from centuries-past, to the clothing yet to be produced by future generations. They make the 'old' new again. They allow traditional practices to be relevant in contemporary society and multi-cultural settings."

Buckskin to Bikinis | april 2015

"Good thoughts, good things."

Speaking Strength into Being | september 2015

"Native American communities have long thought the act of speaking to be a form of creation—you could speak things into being, so it was critical to be mindful of what you said. Words hold power."

Speaking Strength in Being | september 2015
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