born 1894

Decades before the Rockford Peaches learned there's no crying in baseball, Lizzie Murphy was an MVP of the "Bloomer Girls" ~ female semipro baseball players. The first to play for All-Star teams in both the National and American Leagues, she was also the first female holdout, refusing to play without pay.

Her gamble paid off. And, led to a 25-year career barnstorming all over New England + Canada, playing 100 games a summer. Sadly, being a pioneering athlete didn't pay in the long-run. Retiring from baseball for good at 40, Lizzie had to return to the wool mills she worked in as a kid to make ends meet. But, her legacy left a lasting mark on America's favorite pastime.

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"I didn’t have any trouble with the boys. Of course, they cursed and swore, but I didn’t mind. I knew all the words."

Warren Woman Recalls Life as a Baseball Star | circa 1937

"I never go into anything unless I feel sure I'm going to make good."

Warren Woman Recalls Life as Baseball Star | february 1938

"I was always dreaming of the outdoors and baseball."

Queen Lizzie Plays First Base | june 1965

"No money, no Newport."

Queen Lizzie Plays First Base | 1965

"When I was too small to play, I used to beg the boys to let me carry their bats. Finally, I was allowed to join the team for only one reason: I used to 'steal' my father's gloves and bats and bring them along, so I was a valuable asset to them when I could furnish some of the equipment."

Queen Lizzie Plays First Base | june 1965

"I got into shape beating rugs and chopping wood."

Queen Lizzie Plays First Base | june 1965

"I've always loved boys’ sports. They’re so active, they wake you up."

Today I found out ... | unknown

"Playing ball is the same as everything else in life. Mind your own business and concentrate on what you are doing, and you will be alright."

Lizzie Murphy: Queen of Diamonds | published in june 1994

"Never mind faulting the other guy for his mistakes. Just correct your own."

Lizzie Murphy: Queen of the Diamonds | published in june 1994
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