born 1920

When Loretta C. Ford was working as a public nurse in rural Colorado during the1940s and 50s, a shortage of doctors often left children and families without adequate care. A decade later she came upon a solution to fill the gap ~ a kind of  "super" nurse with advanced training who could perform many of the routine medical + diagnostic tasks typically done by a doctor. In 1965, Loretta and Dr. Henry K. Silver started the country's first pediatric nurse practitioner program at the University of Colorado Medical Center. Today there are more than 185,000 nurse practitioners in the US and an estimated 9,000 new ones trained annually. Loretta, now Dean Emeritus of the University of Rochester's nursing school, remains active in philanthropy to support the profession she helped create.

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"We cannot run and ask for permission every time we want to do something new."

profile in nursing | january 2007

"I have always held Nightingale up as one who didn’t accept the status quo, one who was willing to risk her life and reputation in the interest of patients."

A Legacy Lives on: Loretta Ford | 2010

"And if we have a healthy population, then we will have an opportunity to help the rest of the world."

A Legacy Lives on: Loretta Ford | june 2010

"I did go to the Army Air Force in 1943...the best way to spend a war."

Loretta Ford: A Disruptive Innovator | january 2011

"I decided that my mission was to care for and about people in compassionate and caring ways."

Loretta Ford: A Disruptive Innovator | january 2011

"I didn't think that we were involved in great change...but then change became the name of the game."

Loretta Ford: A Disruptive Innovator | january 2011

"It's amazing the strength these patients have, and stamina and optimism in the face of some very dire prognoses. They're admirable."

Nurse practitioners were 'Lone Rangers,' founder says | october 2011
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