born 1968

As a toddler, Maggie Aderin-Pocock saw Neil Armstrong take his "giant leap" + had her heart set on doing the same. That dream was sidetracked by a diagnosis of dyslexia at age 8 and an education split between 13 schools. Science courses rebooted her inquisitiveness as a teen. Going on to train as an engineer, Maggie's professional path ultimately orbited back towards her early love of space ~ with satellites + telescopes.

The aspiring astronaut hasn't made it to the Moon {yet}. But, her out-of-this-world career has allowed her to reach "the heart of stars" through physics + share their wonders as a standout science communicator. In 2004, she founded a company to give inner-city kids "tours of the universe." Today, she continues to shine in classrooms and on tv specials. Maggie's message? We're all scientists.

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"I've always been mad about the moon."

Do we really need the moon? | february 2011

"I took my first steps as Neil Armstrong took his giant leap."

Do we really need the moon? | february 2011

"I've ... worked on telescopes on mountains where the stars make my heart sing."

Career Advice | may 2011

"Science is a wonder. It's like poetry and music and yet people don't see it that way."

A woman on a mission, proving science isn't just for rich, white men | march 2012

"You don't need a big brain the size of a planet, or mad hair. You need a passion to understand things."

A woman on a mission, proving science isn't just for rich, white men | march 2012

"In space, race doesn't matter, nationality doesn't matter. In space, you see the world as a globe and you don't see the boundaries."

The Sky at Night presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock | january 2014

"We home in on our differences...but when we look at the size of our universe, what are we arguing about? My motto is ‘make space, not war.’"

Institute of Physics | june 2014

"As a child growing up, I wanted to reach the stars, but by making this instrument, I was doing the next best thing. I could look into the hearts of stars."

Maggie Aderin-Pocock | june 2014

"Dreams don't show up on government surveys or school league tables, but they are the fuel that makes us want to get up and get on."

Maggie Aderin-Pocock | june 2014

"I like to wow kids with all sorts of facts and figures."

The power of dreams | october 2014

"It’s the true wonder of science that can get people excited and get people to aspire."

The power of dreams | october 2014
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