born 1989

The first time singer-songwriter Marie Miller heard bluegrass music ~ two old men strumming outside a tiny country grocer near her Virginia home ~ she thought it was "stupid." By 12, she was playing a mean mandolin in her family's band. Signed to a Nashville label at 15, she's managed to stay true to her string-picking roots over the past decade, while turning out hits like the playful "6'2" and opening for the likes of Sara Evans, Train and the Backstreet Boys.

Marie continues to grow her fan-base with her unique brand of pop folk. Keep an ear out for her on the airwaves + main-stage!

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"I'm not gonna stand here, when my friend's down and out."

You're Not Alone | december 2012

"The beauty of music and the creative world is a reason to exist."

MTV | 2013

"Nine siblings, and I’m the only one that survived the family band!"

Bing Lounge at 101.9 KINK FM | april 2013

"Lord, I’ve been prayin’ for somebody I’ve never seen. And I don’t care what he looks like as long as he loves me...But, could he have blue eyes, just the sky? And blonde hair, wavy and light? And 6 foot 2 is my favorite height—But, Lord, I don’t care what he looks like..."

6'2 | june 2013

"There's healing in just being with somebody when you're going through a tough time."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"I feel like my faith should be interwoven in my life and in my music. So if I'm talking about a friend, or talking about love, it's not forgetting about God."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"I’m just a small little voice—there’s not much I can do—but I can see the power of music."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"To be able to write something and express it to an audience—it just feels like home."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"You never know which one is going to be the hit."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"You need to work hard. Dreams don’t come true on their own."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"New York City. It's like life on fire. It’s the worst and best of humanity . . . Whatever your flavor is, it’s life amped."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"I believe we were made to love and to be loved. If you do that well, you're successful."

discover...Marie Miller | january 2015

"We grew up playing bluegrass because our dad told us it was cool. We were home-schooled, so we believed him."

Elan Magazine | september 2015
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