born 1892

Marjorie Child Husted may not be a household name, but she was at the helm during the creation of the world's most famous make-believe homemaker ~ Betty Crocker. In her role as the company's creative director, she brought the brand's wildly popular fictional namesake to life.

While her contributions advanced the world of homemaking, the savvy businesswoman was no homemaker herself. Instead, Marjorie wrote and voiced a radio show, commissioned Betty's portrait and produced the distinct red-and-white covered picture cookbook that continues to guide many a cook today.

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"Good housekeeping is an art and it's about time it is treated as such."

Newspaper Food Editors Conference | 1948

"Greater recognition means greater strength."

Would You Like More Recognition? | october 1948

"What is good public relations? Everything you do to interpret your organization to its benefit. It means good conduct and getting credit for this good conduct."

Would You Like More Recognition? | october 1948

"We were groping to find our way in this new field of endeavor. Gradually, we took our first faltering steps. And now, [we are] past the creeping, stumbling stage."

Would You Like More Recognition? | october 1948

"Home economics-trained women have a special flair for fitting into business—and can contribute a great deal to it."

Critical Evaluation of Modern Home Service | april 1952
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