born 1957

Since getting her start as small-town tv reporter, Megan Beyer has built a career as a prominent civic leader, political commentator + public policy advocate. The journalist's key issue? Gender equity, especially when it comes to the very visible gap at the top.

For that past 15 years, the mother of two has written columns, founded organizations, led research and signed up for advisory positions that promote women in leadership, education reform and arts & culture. Her latest missions? Using metrics to demonstrate how gender equity and arts education are smart business strategies that yield higher returns.

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"When women succeed at the top, they help all women, symbolically and tangibly."

Inspirational Woman Magazine | march 2013

"I learned from my own mother that guilt was the basic ingredient of motherhood."

The Problem has a Name: Guilt | september 2013

"Little has changed to support women growing the economy while also growing a family . . . Without even the most basic supports, each rung up the career ladder brings you closer to the specter of being the bad mother."

The Problem has a Name: Guilt | september 2013

"When companies have more women in leadership, they make more money. It is nice when the economy rewards the good guys—even when they are women."

Getting the Competitive EDGE with Gender Certification | november 2013

"Somehow with 'who do you think you are?' still ringing in our ears, we managed to produce a 'special' generation free of our undermining hierarchy paradigm. Self worth is their birthright. And while there are times I wish they would just empty the dishwasher, if they will finally break the glass ceiling, that will be enough."

Entitled to Break the Glass Ceiling | december 2013

"While some disparage this generation for being 'entitled,' I see it another way. They are the first generation of American women who believe they have a legitimate claim to the whole array of opportunities society and the economy offer. Entitled? You bet."

Entitled to Break the Glass Ceiling | december 2013

"Today, pink is the new green."

Gender Balance in the Workplace: Profit From Parity | october 2014

"In times of upheaval, Civilization always turns to the arts as a guidepost. Just look at the Renaissance—we are by blinded by the arts—interpreting and reflecting events, applying meaning in turmoil."

Arena Stage Allen Hughes Fellows and Interns 25th Anniversary | april 2016

"The arts are not an add-on. The arts can dramatically change a school and are a critical tool for education reform."

C-SPAN | may 2016

"The arts and the humanities are the soul of America. They tell the world who we are. They shout our values, question our character, express our concerns and reflect both our strengths and weaknesses. The arts keep us honest by challenging us."

Bernstein Family Foundation Leadership Showcase | september 2016

"The Arts and Humanities are like gender equality. If it is there, you have the luxury to take it for granted...But if it is not there, the lack of it can threaten your very existence."

Bernstein Family Foundation Leadership Showcase | september 2016
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