born 1996

Megan Grassell was a junior in high school when an eye-opening trip to the mall inspired her to take up a new extracurricular activity ~ founding her own bra company. The startup? Yellowberry. Its mission? To give Megan's 13-year-old sister + her tween peers more options in a market dominated by uncomfortable underwires + sexy push-ups. The budding entrepreneur created a line of cute, comfy + age-appropriate underwear ~ colorful bras that celebrate girls being girls.

People didn't take the 17-year-old CEO seriously at first, but Megan's belief in her concept has earned her many customers + high-profile collaborators. Today, Yellowberry is not just a company, it's a movement. As Megan transforms the bra industry, she's also building an empowered community of "berries" who embrace her motto ~ "You don't have to rush to grow up."

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"Go barefoot...Watch quietly and observe...Water the flowers every day."

The Yellowberry Story | march 2014

"Campfires are rare, so eat as many marshmallows as you can."

The Yellowberry Story | march 2014

"One of the biggest problems I had getting started was getting people to take me and my ideas seriously. I hope now they can see that I’m serious and that this is happening."

Fortune Magazine | april 2014

"When you really, truly, down-to-your-core believe in an idea, you have to go for it."

That Girl: Megan Grassell | 2015

"I am the first person to admit the things I am not, don’t know, or don’t understand. For example, I am not a size 2, I did not get into the college of my dreams, and I spent the night of my senior prom with my mom, her friends, and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. But all of that is OK...because these flaws and insecurities are things that make me who I am."

That Girl: Megan Grassell | 2015

"If you think about a berry as it ripens, it goes through different stages of yellow before its final color . . . For a girl, those yellow stages are when you are growing up and becoming a woman. Yellowberry represents the celebration of these years, not the rush to grow up."

Girls Health | february 2015

"I love the freedom that comes with starting my own company. I love being my own boss and creating something that didn’t exist before."

Girls Health | february 2015

"You don’t need to rush to grow up. Enjoy the present and celebrate being you, just as you are."

Girls Health | february 2015

"If the worst answer someone can give you is 'no,' then you should not be afraid to ask for what you want or need."

Girl Up | may 2015
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