born 1972

Milka Duno didn't set out to become a race car driver. In fact, the book-loving Venezuelan had earned 4 masters degrees and was well into a career as a naval engineer by the time a friend invited her to a driving clinic in 1995. 

But when Milka climbed into the Porshe that day, something clicked. "I found my destiny," she says.  Over the next few years she dove into racing with the same intensity she'd devoted to academics.

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"I'm always being asked about the treatment I receive from men and I always say that on track we are all drivers and no-one is going to give away something for nothing. They are not going to give me anything because I am a woman; I have to earn their respect with results, which forces me to aim even more for perfection."

2002 News | january 2002

"I don't like to do simple things. Only difficult things. And it has become my way of life."

Milkamania | april 2003

"I challenge any and all women to pursue their passion and their goals, and as long as they are doing that I don’t care if it’s as a stay-at-home mother, a firefighter or a racecar driver."

The Need for Speed | january 2005

"I like challenges. I love winning. I do not thrive on danger, but I do like to race, all the time."

Milka Duno: Determined to Win | december 2005

"Racing is a process like when you’re in school. You go to first grade, then second grade and you learn the basics while you work to get better."

Magnificent Milka | may 2006

"[0]ne day, I do want what most girls want: to be married, with a family and children. But right now I am focused on racing and winning. I have to take the opportunity in front of me. The rest can wait."

Magnificent Milka | may 2006

"I have a lot of determination and I want to be one of the best."

Go Milka, Go | may 2006

"You have to go flat all the time. There's no slowing down ever."

Even at 250 MPH, People are Noticing Milka Duno | april 2007

"I have great confidence. So I do not care what other people say. What do they know?"

Even at 250 MPH, People are Noticing Milka Duno | april 2007

"Things are hard but not impossible to accomplish. It is up to us to have strength and continue working hard to secure our goals"

First Latina Racing Champion Sets Pace for College-Bound Students | october 2011

"What I hope I provide is a message of inspiration."

Move Over Milky Way | january 2012

"Forget the competition and focus on your goal."

Female racer's lessons from life in the fast lane | june 2012

"When you put the helmet on, it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man; your mission is to compete to win."

Female racer's lessons from life in the fast lane | june 2012

"I like to win, and I compete to win in every aspect of my life."

Move Over Milky Way | july 2012

"Take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way."

Move Over Milky Way | july 2012

"The Latin people have a lot of talent. We do everything with passion."

12 inspirational quotes from women who rock STEM | october 2014
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