born 1981

Growing up, Monique Péan's dad encouraged her to consider becoming "3 things: a doctor, a lawyer, or a banker." Her younger sister's sudden death made her rethink her life. Leaving behind a lucrative Wall Street career, Monique took a risk to launch her jewelry line. She shaped her dream, evolving those first modest jewelry creations into a business that reflects her passions for art, travel and environmentalism. Her pieces feature stunning place-based designs driven by a commitment to sustainable materials, practices + philanthropic initiatives.

Following her heart has paid off. Monique's lux creations are a fixture of high fashion and celebrity styles. And, her eco-chic sensibilities are helping to make the whole industry greener.

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"I aim to create wearable pieces of art that enhance the individual and raise awareness of Native art and culture."

Closet Envy: Jewelry Designer Monique Péan | february 2010

"To me, a successful life is getting up every day, doing something you love, and, most important, making a difference in the world."

Monique Péan Honors Her Sister's Spirit | 2012

"When I began designing, people really weren’t as interested in the sustainable aspects of my designs. They were really just interested in the aesthetics . . . It’s been really exciting to see that change and be part of that change."

Bauble Designer Monique Péan Talks Holiday Wish Lists, S.F. Grub, & More! | december 2012

"If you’re shopping for the guy who has everything, he probably doesn’t have fossilized woolly mammoth cuff links!"

Bauble Designer Monique Péan Talks Holiday Wish Lists, S.F. Grub, & More! | december 2012

"I love the idea that you can take something that old and make it into something new again."

Jurassic Jeweler | spring 2013

"I am drawn to contrasts that challenge the eye."

The Tu'Til collection | fall 2013

"My husband was smart enough to propose without a ring."

Rock of Ages | october 2013

"Necklaces and earrings are more for other people, because you have to look in the mirror to see them. Rings, however, are for yourself. I normally wear at least five on a given day, and sometimes six or seven."

Rock of Ages | october 2013

"I would love for collectors to view my pieces as art, history, nature, luxury and fashion all in one. I aim to create heirloom pieces as wearable works of art that can be passed down for generations."

A conversation with: Monique Péan | april 2014

"It’s not necessarily about how long you live but the impact that you make."

Spotlight On...Monique Pean | september 2014

"The fossilised woolly mammoth, walrus tusk and dinosaur bone are like nature’s photographs. A photograph is able to capture a moment in time; fossils capture thousands, if not millions of years."

Spotlight On...Monique Pean | september 2014

"Many artisans across the world practise sustainability in their day-to-day lifestyle; I thought that we had so much to learn from them."

Spotlight On...Monique Pean | september 2014

"Mining just enough gold for one simple wedding band can produce over 20 tons of waste."

Spotlight On...Monique Pean | september 2014

"Jewelry requires the same attention to the details of proportion, form, and materials as architecture."

Etched in Bone: A designer's indelible blueprint for beauty | september 2014

"Sustainable design practices are the future of fashion."

Vogue View | december 2014

"It is important to recognize that everyone can make a little bit of a difference and that in aggregate, our individual daily efforts add up."

Monique Pean: a jewelry designer with a conscience | april 2016
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