born 1788

Before she was 20, Sacagawea had been given as a third wife to a man twice her age, stolen from her Lemhi Shoshone home by raiders, sold or gambled to a French-Canadian fur trader who beat her, and set off on an expedition to explore the path of the western rivers of North America...with an 8-week-old baby strapped to her back. Her knowledge of the Shoshone language + edible plants, her calmness in a crisis ~ even her very presence ~ would save the expedition many times over.

While not many of her words survive {the ones we have come from Lewis + Clark's journals}, her story alone has long been an inspiration for people from Susan B. Anthony to the present ~ there's even a US Naval ship named for her.

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"[I] was taken in the middle of the river as [I] was crossing at a shallow place to make [my] escape."

Corps of Expedition | july 1805

"[I have] traveled a long way with [you] to See the great waters, and that now that monstrous fish was also to be Seen, [I] thought it very hard that [I] Could not be permitted to See either."

Corps of Expedition | january 1806
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