born 1937

Women weren't allowed to play polo when Sue Sally Hale fell in love with the sport in 1950s. So she did what she had to do ~ disguised herself as a man and joined a polo team, competing for the next 20 years.

In 1972, the Polo Association finally admitted her as it first female member. She went on to become a top player, winning the first US Women's Open in 1990 {with daughters Sunny + Stormie} when she was 53.

Generous and optimistic, Sue Sally also coached polo teams ~ including one at the Marine base in El Toro, California ~ and gave lessons to people with disabilities.

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"I want to be a polo player or a bronc buster."

Hollywood restaurant | 1946

"Gentlemen, better boys than you have tried."

Obituary: Sue Sally Hale | 1972

"After a game it was a kick to clean up for the parties and mingle unrecognized with the guys I'd just played on the field."

Sue Sally Hale, 65, a pioneer in U.S. Women's Polo, Dies | 1980

"What would life be if Polo we didn't play? This game of Life called, 'Giants to Slay.'"

Polo | 2000
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