born 1956

Sung-Joo Kim is the South Korean entrepreneur who's famous for taking luxury brands global. Going into business meant seriously bucking traditional expectations for Korean women, but Sung-Joo's bold moves {going to college abroad, learning the trade at Bloomingdale's, launching her own fashion conglomerate} have paid off in the long run. Besides licensing some of the world's best-known brands for sale in Asia, the top exec has revitalized lux handbag brand MCM by infusing it with an ultra-modern, international pop flare.

Sung-Joo is also famous for pairing success with service. Ten percent of the profits from her Seoul-based fashion company {which runs 90 stores + grosses $120 billion per year} goes towards charity. She founded the Sungjoo Group on 3 principles ~ "faith, hope + love." Today, the chief visionary officer is a model for how to write social responsibility + caring leadership into the business plan.

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"Caring and sharing...is the new leadership style for the 21st century."

Global Invest Her | september 2013

"My personal way of growing leaders is to put them on the spot."

Global Invest Her | september 2013

"The privilege I have is to be really able to say to any woman around the world: 'You can do it, too.'"

Global Invest Her | september 2013

"Play like a woman, and win like a woman."

Play like a woman | july 2014

"Succeed to serve."

Living by My Motto | july 2014

"Girls, be ambitious!"

Advice From a Female Entrepreneur | august 2014

"The young generation are born with computers, so they expect brands to be interactive and for luxury to be functional."

From Asia to the World: The Rise of MCM | july 2015
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