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"This issue of educational inequity exists in virtually every country in the world. But the silver lining is...it means the solutions are shareable."

On the Loudspeaker | november 2015

"My hopes for our kids growing up today is that they'll expose themselves to the biggest problems in the world and figure out where they want to make the biggest difference."

On the Loudspeaker | november 2015

"The fundamental idea is to build a leadership force in our country committed to taking on this very systemic challenge...that where kids are born essentially predicts where they end up."

On the Loudspeaker | november 2015

"It is outrageous that in our country, kids who are growing up below the poverty line...have an 8% chance of getting the kind of education that would enable them to break out of the cycle."

On the Loudspeaker | november 2015
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