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Out now: our BRAVELY collection

For Women's History Month 2021, a Quotabelle first!

Our third print collection, BRAVELY: Inspiring Quotes and Stories from Trailblazing American Women, is being released with a companion guided journal. Both are now available from booksellers everywhere.

In the book, you'll find the words and biographies of 100 US groundbreakers, both iconic and little-known, from history to today. In the journal, you'll find 90 new quotes from women around the world to draft off of as you record your own ideas and stories.

We are delighted to have partnered with Running Press to create this unique product suite, especially designed to celebrate and empower female historymakers. Gift them to yourself; share them with a student or mentee as she meets a milestone or faces a transition; or present them as a thank you to the courageous women in your life.

We hope you'll find muses to help take you farther and faster along the paths you're blazing.


march 11, 2021