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Quotabelle's latest book is available now for preorders.

Grit & Grace is a thought-filled companion for modern leaders, featuring the ideas & stories of more than 90 female pioneers, from history to today. You'll find world-famous greats and noteworthy groundbreakers. Among the featured profiles ~ Nobel winners, top execs and game-changing founders...plus, a police chief and a cruise ship captain, an orchestra conductor, mountain climber, and more.

This smart & stylish collection of quotations is perfect for dreaming up new possibilities, translating your visions into actions and creatively sharing inspiration. Grit & Grace also makes a perfect gift for friends and family, colleagues and teammates, grads and mentees and all the women in your life who are ready to lead.


Grit & Grace is Quotabelle's second book with Quarto Books. Our debut collection of quotes and stories from remarkable women & girls, Beautifully Said, is currently in its eighth printing. You can order it here.

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may 25, 2018