april 3, 2015

Yesterday was the 49th Annual International Children's Book Day {+ the 210th birth anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen}. This year's celebration ~ aimed at inspiring the world's young readers ~ was hosted by the United Arab Emirates. It's timely theme? Many cultures, one story.

Following suit, our featured quoteurs are women whose classic contributions to children's literature have led to global learning + legacies.

Among them, the second interviewee in our Emerging Voices series. We're delighted to introduce Rashin ~ an artist who beautifully brings the Persian stories she grew up with to international audiences.


p.s. Did you miss out on Quotabelle's first emerging voice? Marie Miller taps into the power of music to share ideas and stories. Discover her quotes + story here!

"My dear Noel, I don't know what to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits whose names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter."

Beatrix Potter
the beloved author-illustrator

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A girl homeschooled in London who had equal enthusiasm for art + natural history. A promising artist turned classic children's author + savvy businesswoman.

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Beatrix unwittingly began her storied career as a children's author by telling "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" in an 1893 letter to the young son of her former governess, Noel. The story followed the naughty little bunny who disobeys his mother's order to stay away from the garden of the farmer who baked his father into a pie. It wasn't published until 18 years later, in 1901. Today, the beloved picture book has sold 45 million copies + counting!

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Beatrix was a lady farmer + naturalist whose treasury of stories was inspired by studying animal behavior {including that of her pet bunnies Benjamin + Peter}. The staunch conservationist moved to England's Lake District as an adult and willed her 15 area farms to the National Trust for everyone to enjoy following
her death.

Beatrix's first publication? A scientific paper on mushroom spores ~ a topic, like rabbits, on which she had firsthand experience. As she wrote her mycological mentor Charles McIntosh, "We find some people make theories out of dried specimens without the least experience of the way things grow."

see more...about Beatrix's rebellious romances {and efforts to save a breed of sheep!}

"Books engage the whole being because books don't bring you everything; you have to bring yourself to the book."

Joan Ganz Cooney
the children's tv trailblazer

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An education major with a passion for civil rights and anti-poverty activism. A PR person who leaned in to become a pioneering tv producer + co-founder of the Sesame Workshop.

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When Joan first brought Sesame Street to tv in 1969, it was an instant hit. Today, the small-screen education empire is broadcast in 140 countries to 100 million viewers. What you may not realize is that Sesame Street also rules the world of children's lit. So much so that Joan was honored with the National Book Foundation's Literarian Award in 2010. After an introduction from Elmo, the top tv exec explained how her early partnership with Random House has led to 2500+ titles and a quarter-million books sold each
year worldwide.

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Big Bird + Oscar the Grouch were the first muppets to live on Sesame Street. Joan had them added after test screenings showed that human scenes sans muppets had no appeal. By commissioning the iconic characters, she flouted the counsel of one of the show's many expert advisers ~ who warned against mixing fantasy + reality.

She did however abide by expert advice when creating the green garbage-can dweller ~ "Oscar was invented because one of the academics had said that children should be permitted to be grumpy and know
it's okay

hear more...about Joan's experiences as one of the first women in the boardroom

"No matter how much the merchant cared for and tended to his parrot, the colorful bird seemed sad."

Rashin Kheiriyeh
the modern Persian painter


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An aspiring artist who earned a spot in the first Tehran art school open to women. A celebrated painter known for mixing ancient inspirations with edgy, contemporary design. An author-illustrator with 51 books to her name.

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Quotabelle met up with Rashin at her Reston, Virginia studio last month. After moving to the States in 2011, the accomplished artist initially found it difficult to establish herself in the US art scene...in spite of her impressive list of {50!} international accolades. But, last summer, her first stateside book came out. Two Parrots is a remix of Rashin's favorite childhood story ~ a fable about freedom first penned by the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi. Here's a teaser from her lushly illustrated adaptation!

The story behind the story? Rashin decided to pitch her idea for Two Parrots when she discovered the lack of Persian literature in US bookstores. "I saw some things in the adult sections related to Iran—mostly about politics, but none of the stories I'd grown up with. So, I thought maybe my first book should be a story from Iran that introduces my culture to the kids here."

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Rashin is an animator whose first cartoon ~ "The Cunning Tailor" ~ was also a retake on Rumi aimed at children. See the tale she brought to life here!

Rashin's animated series Sugarland is so popular in Iran that its characters have been used to promote tourism + inspire a line of stuffed toys!

Her characters also inspire the artist herself as they emerge on the page ~ "The relationship between you and the image you're painting—It's like it's alive and talking to you. Like a friend."

get the scoop on Rashin's artistic methods + muses...in our in-depth interview

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~ Carly Fiorina
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"We hope that the state legislature is paying attention . . . and taking seriously that the whole world is looking at them."

~ Sarah Warbelow
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