april 17, 2015

Wednesday is Earth Day ~ a bipartisan effort that brought 20 million Americans into the streets for its first official observation in 1970. In 1990, it went global with 200 million demonstrators.

Historically, Earth Day advocacy has prompted major policy shifts ~ from the Clean Air + Water Acts to public recycling systems.

The 3 green gurus we're featuring this week have dedicated their lives to advocating for the earth. Their work helps the world see pressing ecological problems. And, create sustainable solutions.


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"There are no other Everglades
in the world. They are, they
have always been, one of the
unique regions of the earth,
remote, never wholly known."

Marjory Stoneman Douglas
the Grand Dame of the Glades

marjory douglas_newsletter.jpg

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A Florida journalist who wrote her way into the history of the Environmental Movement. A famously feisty centenarian + founder of Friends of the Everglades.

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How did Marjory find her calling as a game-changing environmentalist? By chance. The established author was 52 years old when a friend suggested she contribute to the Rivers of America series he was editing. His original ask was for a book on the Miami River, but Marjory pushed the question to write on a subject that interested her more ~ The Everglades: River of Grass. Published in1947 after 5 years of research, Marjory's efforts helped transform the Everglades from little-known swamp to a treasured National Park + site of one of the world's largest restoration projects.

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In 1917, Marjory was given an assignment to cover Miami's first female volunteer to join the Navy after the US entered WWI. When the woman in question failed to show, Marjory enlisted herself instead!

The talented fiction writer became a journalist because her father was editor at the Miami Herald. Her sassy column "The Gallery" earned a major fan following in the 1920s, but Marjory admitted newspaper-work wasn't her strong suit ~ "I never was a good reporter. Father used to send me out on a story, and I'd come back with three sunsets and an editorial.”

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"No blue, no green."

Sylvia Earle
the deep-sea adventurer + activist

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A New Jersey girl who grew up to be a legendary marine biologist. An aquanaut nicknamed "Her Deepness" for her bold research expeditions into previously unexplored underwater frontiers.

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A few highlights from Sylvia's oceanography career? She tied the record for deepest solo dive {1000 meters}. Became the first female chief scientist for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Founded 4 companies. Penned a dozen books. And, was named TIME's first "Hero for the Planet" in 1998...

The title still applies. Today, the tireless Sylvia is fighting for a sea-change in environmental protection policies. After earning a TED Prize in 2009, she used the support to launch a new nonprofit. Sylvia's Mission Blue aims to save + restore the oceans that have lost 90% of big fish and half their coral reefs since Her Deepness first took to scuba in 1953.

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Sylvia has logged 7000+ hours underwater ~ more than any other person in history.

Sylvia's led her first team of aquanauts into the ocean depths at the same time US astronauts first landed on the moon. But, as the sea explorer is quick to point out, we still know far less about the Earth's saltwater than we do about distant planets ~ "Even now, less than five percent of the ocean has been seen, let alone explored or even mapped with the same precision we have mapped the land, the moon, Mars or Jupiter."

hear more...about Sylvia's "Blue Hope"

"Every day, create the world
you want to live in."

Robin Chase
the environmentalist entrepreneur

robin chase_newsletter.jpg

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An MIT MBA who was in search of a startup story when she co-founded ZipCar. A sustainable transportation innovator who helped make sharing the norm.

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Her Ghandi-inspired motto guides Robin's good work.

What kind of world would the founder of the planet's largest car-sharing company like to see? One where entrepreneurs collaborate with communities to build products that have serious environmental + social payoffs. After pioneering this model with 3 startups that enable people to share resources while saving money, Robin wrote a book about it to help others build better, greener futures. Peers, Inc is due out in June!

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The stats show Robin's a key player in the Solution Revolution. Each ZipCar replaces 15 personal vehicles + saves 219 gallons of gas a year per customer.

Robin now lives in Paris where in 2012 she launched BuzzCar ~ a peer-to-peer car rental platform.

Robin is the mother of supermodel Cameron Russell. The proud parent deeply admires her daughter's work ethic + values. As far as good looks go, the family line is ~ "We can't take credit for genetic luck."

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"Equal Pay Day is...about fairness and professional fulfillment, but it's not only about these romantic goals. [I]t should be about finding ways to allocate our nation's precious human capital to its most productive uses."

~ Catherine Rampell
the Washington Post columnist   |   in an editorial about why we still need Equal Pay Day {as observed on April 14 ~ the date that marks how far women must work into the new year to earn as much as men did in the previous one}

"Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion."

~ Hillary Clinton
the US presidential candidate   |  officially putting her hat in the ring for 2016...and, kicking off her campaign with a road trip to Iowa in a van she dubbed "Scooby"

Who was the first woman to run for the highest office in the land? The very modern Victoria Woodhall in 1872. In the words of the Equal Rights Party candidate ~

"If Congress refuse to listen to and grant what women ask, there is but one course left then to pursue. What is there left for women to do but to become the mothers of the future government?"

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