january 9, 2015

Starting a new exercise regimen in the new year? Whether yes, no or maybe so, we think you'll find these fitness pioneers inspiring.

They're women who've had an unexpected impact on a multi-billion dollar, international industry. With tools, guidance + motivation, they've enriched the lives of everyday women. And, altered public perceptions about female beauty along the way.

These gurus know that wellbeing is about more than just a good workout routine.

There may be no shortcuts in the fitness world, but sometimes a simple pep talk is all that's needed to make a change.


"Swimming is a pleasure and
a benefit, a clean, cool,
beautiful cheap thing we all
from cats to kings can enjoy."

Annette Kellerman
the original mermaid

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{unforgettable | She competes}

Aussie athlete Annette Kellerman was a competitive swimmer turned movie star. In the course of becoming an international celebrity, she helped redefine the feminine ideal. Leaving behind ornately concealed, corset-cinched frailty, she opted to show off her robust strength.

This "daughter of the Gods" popularized swimming as a sport with her films + books. And, single-handedly revolutionized swimwear. At a time when women were expected to take to the water donning "more stuff than you hang on a clothesline," Annette introduced a form-fitting alternative.

Her one-piece swimsuit got her arrested for obscenity charges in 1909. Only a year later beachgoers adopted it as the norm!

"There are no shortcuts and
no sweatless quickies."

Jane Fonda
the legend in legwarmers

jane fonda_newsletter.jpg

{remarkable | She champions}

Academy Award-winning actress + anti-war activist Jane Fonda opened her LA aerobics studio as a fundraiser for the Campaign for Economic Democracy in 1979. Three years later, the exercise enthusiast decided to write on the subject.

Jane Fonda's Workout Book was an instant hit. Its 2-year reign on The New York Times' Best Seller List actually prompted the editors to make "How To" books a separate category.

When Jane reluctantly made a low-budget video to match, she unwittingly sparked the home fitness industry. Five books + 23 videos later, Jane's original 1982 workout is the most popular home video of all time.

Jane recently digitized her entire workout collection. You can try the heart-pumping routines that busy women of all ages have turned to for more than 30 years. Jane's characteristic leg warmers may have gone in and out of style, but her positive + practical fitness tips still pack a punch.

"When you feel good,
you feel that you look good, and
then you perform even better.
It's an amazing cycle."

Cassey Ho
the social media fitness star

cassey ho_newsletter.jpg

{notable | She coaches}

Cassey Ho got hooked on pilates from a Mari Winsor infomercial, then became a certified instructor in college. Her efforts to keep in touch with West Coast students after an East Coast move put her on the path to becoming YouTube's #1 fitness star.

The energetic entrepreneur has built a brand based on being a "lover of all things healthy." Her blogilates online community has everything from signature routines to low-cal meal plans to high-intensity fashion...all for free + with hashtags to match!

Want to work out with Cassey? Try #TrainInsane. Or cook? #CheapCleanEats. She even has her own line of comfy-chic activewear #BodyPop + gym accessories #oGorgeous.

Cassey exercises her editorial bent, too. She famously called out Target for photoshopping its models to thigh-gap thinness. Her reminder ~ "It's not all about the scale. It's about what you're made of!"

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We recently asked for quotes about resolutions. Among our favorites:

"I WILL...go to gym three times a week not merely to buy sandwich."
~Helen Fielding

"I never make New Year's resolutions. They are boring [and] you never, ever accomplish them. Try something new."
~Martha Stewart

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"I'm the only person I know who was really looking forward to turning 30."

~ Elise Stefanik, the recently sworn-in Representative (Rep.) from New York's 21st District, on being the youngest woman ever to serve in US Congress.

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