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this week ~ Father’s Day
june 19, 2015

To her the name of father was another name for love.
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On Sunday, we say thanks to the father figures in our lives ~ for years of priceless paternal love, advice + humor.

Before there was an official Father’s Day, Fanny Fern celebrated good dads in her wildly popular 1850s columns. The writer used her "Fern Leaves" to share stories of wonderful dad-daughter relationships like the ones we’re spotlighting this week.

Kids may not always listen to fatherly lessons, but these daughters show that they still sink in + live on.


Brené Brown
the wholeheartedly imperfect parent

brene brown_newsletter.jpg

"One of the best pieces of advice that my dad has given me...'You can't parent perfectly.'"
source it!

~ a Texas student of social work who set out to beat vulnerability {but wound up embracing it instead}

~ a researcher + storyteller who helps people cope with shame + cultivate worthiness

~ a University of Houston professor + bestselling self-help author

Brené Brown claims there’s no such thing as a parenting expert, but her pioneering work on the subject has made her an in-demand speaker. Besides giving one of the most popular TED Talks to date, the vulnerability researcher snagged invites to keynote the Dad 2.0 Summit and be a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday...where Brené made her famous host tear up by sharing her "Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto."

The power of openly imperfect parenting was a lesson learned from her father. But that’s not all the two have in common. What else did the dad she adores pass along? Trash-talking during card games + {sometimes true} storytelling. Leaving events early to beat the traffic and loving The Sound of Music. Being a "metaphor-aholic" + "unapologetically hopeful."

See more about how Brené is helping dads {and the rest of us} "dare greatly"...

brene brown

Condoleezza Rice
the lifelong fellow fan

condoleezza rice_newsletter.jpg

"My father was a feminist from the day I was born; there was nothing his little girl couldn't do. And he modeled that in his relationship with my mother."
source it! Condoleezza Rice

~ the daughter of Birmingham teachers who fought segregation with education

~ a concert pianist who got hooked on Soviet politics after taking a course...taught by Madeleine Albright’s dad

~ a Stanford prof who became the first female African-American secretary of state

Condoleezza Rice grew up at a time when she "couldn't have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter." But, her parents raised her to believe she could be the president if she wanted. Their faith shaped her path to becoming the US’s top diplomat in 2005.

Her first international visit as secretary of state corresponded with Super Bowl XXXIX {Pats v. Eagles}. Kick-off was at 1:30a.m. in Israel, but she wasn’t about to miss it because her father ~ the Presbyterian minister, teacher and football coach ~ ignited her love of the game.

Growing up, they faithfully watched Bama games on Saturdays and the Browns on Sundays. Condoleezza still roots for Cleveland, so much so that the NFL featured her in a campaign to court female fans. And, there’s a growing movement to hire her in her "dream job" as the league’s commissioner! Hear more about Condi’s American story...

Condoleezza Rice

Sara Blakely
the no-limit daughter

sara blakely_newsletter.jpg

"My father used to encourage me and my brother to fail. It changed my mindset at an early age that failure is not the outcome, failure is not trying."
source it! Laverne Cox

~ an aspiring Florida law student who went to work at Disney World after bombing the LSAT twice

~ a womenswear inventor + entrepreneur who became the youngest female self-made billionaire

~ a philanthropist who gives back by creating opportunities for women & girls
locally + globally

Sara took the $5,000 she had saved from 8 years of selling fax machines and rolled it into the $500-million-per-year company SPANX. All because of a simple idea ~ to get rid of panty lines!

Why so bold? Sara traces her success story back to her father’s healthy approach to failure. She and her brother could count on the same question coming up around the dinner table ~ "What did you fail at this week?" Her dad met every embarrassing or discouraging anecdote with a high-five. It meant his kids were making an effort to push their personal limits.

The reverse psychology clearly paid off, and now Sara has an impressive platform for sharing her father’s good advice with the world. She’s also generously sharing her time + money with it. See how the SPANX inventor is working to unleash one of the world’s untapped "natural resources" ~ women...

Sara Blakely

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"I sometimes try to remember the exact moment when I began to look at him with gratitude, and to learn from being with him that it is possible to have a kind of complete joy in the mere presence of one's father." 
"He changed the first nappy." 
"I do not believe that my father was (or ever could have been) such a Poet as I shall be an Analyst." 

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