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this week ~ Amelia Earhart Day
july 24, 2015

Just watch. I’ll show you what a woman can do. I’ll go across the country...I’ll race to the moon...I’ll never look back.
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Edna Gardner Whyte and Amelia Earhart were both leaders of the Ninety-Nines ~ an organization of female pilots that promoted women + aviation. Edna racked up 127 trophies while Amelia earned distinguished flying medals; Edna trained 5000 pilots while Amelia inspired legions to climb in the cockpit or passenger’s seat.

The two ate dinner together the night before The Queen of the Air embarked on her fateful last flight. 78 years later, we still observe Amelia Earhart Day ~ a celebration to rouse the next generation of pioneers + risk-takers.

Here are women who’ve helped take the world to new heights by setting their eyes to the skies.


Amelia Earhart
the first lady of flight

Amelia Earhart_newsletter

"Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risk involved. If it is, stop worrying."
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~ a Midwest kid who worked odd jobs as a photographer, stenographer and truck driver to pay for flight lessons

~ a regular record-breaker + the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic {in 1932}

~ an ambassador of the air + public relations VP who helped lay the groundwork for the commercial airline industry

Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra ~ specially built for her attempt to circumnavigate the world ~ disappeared over the Pacific on July 2, 1937. Her final flight is still a mystery, but her bold career has landed her an enduring place in the public’s imagination.

The iconic pilot saw aviation as the perfect blend "of romance and beauty, coupled with utility." Plus, a means to scientific innovation + women’s advancement. Her highly publicized air adventures established Amelia as a brand {complete with her own clothing + luggage lines} while garnering recognition for the causes she backed ~ like the Ninety-Nines or the ERA.

Amelia’s story lives on ~ recently refueled by the discovery of a scrap of metal that may be plane debris. Her own words are long out of print. The aviator was also a bestselling author, hit lecturer and popular columnist way ahead of her time when it came to personal branding. See why...

Amelia Earhart

Mae Jemison
the imaginative astronaut

mae jemison_newsletter.jpg

"I had to learn very early not to limit myself due to others' limited imaginations. I have learned these days never to limit anyone else due to my own limited imagination."
source it! Mae Jemison

~ a precocious Alabama dancer + science-lover who entered Stanford with a scholarship at age 16

~ a medical doctor who became the first African American woman in space

~ the founder and president of 2 tech companies

After practicing medicine as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Mae Jemison returned to the US to chase the dream of becoming an astronaut. She was selected for NASA’s training program from among 2000 applicants.

On September 12, 1992, Mae set off on the space shuttle Endeavor for 126 orbits around the Earth.

During her stint as a mission specialist, she conducted bone-cell research + logged 190 hours of space time. What stuck with her from the historic trip? A "perspective of belonging"...an affirmation that she was "as much a part of this universe as any speck of stardust."

NASA may have canceled its space shuttle program, but Mae’s stepping up to lead the way for new exploration as principal of 100 Year Starship. Discover how she’s working to get you a seat on a rocket + make interstellar travel a reality within this century...

Mae Jemison

Alice Bowman
the Pluto fly-by physicist

alice bowman_newsletter.jpg

"Here we go! Out into the solar system!"
source it! Alice Bowman

~ a chem + physics buff and University of Virginia alum

~ a top researcher in Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

~ the first female MOM {mission operations manager} at NASA

Alice Bowman was inspired by Star Trek and Lost in Space to make a career out of exploring the cosmos. Ten days ago {July 14, 2015}, she got a standing O for her leadership on the NASA mission that just revealed the last frontier of our solar system ~ Pluto.

It was the climax of a 10-year, 3-billion mile journey that made Alice a proud MOM. Her fly-by team also marked another significant STEM first ~ a NASA mission with 25% female staffers.

Today, the historic data from the New Horizons probe continues to pour in. With each stunning transmission, Pluto is transformed from a mysterious spot of light to a recognizable geological entity.

Hear Alice’s life advice based on her 23+ years in the field of space...

Alice Bowman

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"We must have aviators if we are to keep pace with the times." 
"I knew one thing: I wanted to see the world." 
"Hamlet would have been a bad aviator. He worried too much." 

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Views from NASA’s first woman in space...

The stars don't look bigger, but they do look brighter. Looking back and seeing your planet as a planet is just an amazing feeling . . . It makes you appreciate, actually, how fragile our existence is.

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