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It's #MuseumWeek ~ time to take to Twitter for a real-time, global celebration of culture!

While the 22 hundred participating museums show off the finest from their collections, souvenirs + secret holdings, we thought we'd feature a few of our fav exhibitors + curators.

These inventive women have done their part to add to the sum of the world's beauty and knowledge. And, make them accessible to everyone.

At Quotabelle, we're following their lead with our growing collection of curated quotes. It's a modern-day gallery of ideas + stories you can explore anytime, anyplace.


p.s. Lots of our quoteurs have museums worth an online or in-person visit. Like, Frida Kahlo's in Mexico City, Rosa Parks's in Montgomery, Florence Nightingale's in London, or Rachel Carson's in Springdale, Pennsylvania . . .

"When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment. I wanted to give that world to someone else."

Georgia O'Keeffe
the mother of modernism

georgia okeeffe_newsletter.jpg

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A Wisconsin farm girl whose avant-garde, Southwest-inspired painting naturally left a mark on modern art.

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Georgia is famous for captivating close-ups of everyday objects. Her enormous oil-on-canvas paintings present skunk cabbages, skulls and petunias as "worlds" that demand rapt attention.

Georgia's gift to us? Sparking a sense of wonder about nature + the things we've failed to really look at.

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Georgia is associated with New Mexico ~ where you can see her stunning work on display in Santa Fe's Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. But, the boho artist also spent decades around New York + didn’t relocate permanently to the Land of Enchantment until her 60s.

In 1916, famed photographer Arthur Stieglitz fell for Georgia's exquisite charcoal drawings, then for the artist herself. He took 350 portraits of Georgia before retiring in 1937. Their lifelong romance also produced a vivid collection of love letters, which put Georgia's poetic imagination on display ~ "Tonight I'd like to paint the world with a broom..."

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"To fly, we have to
have resistance."

Maya Lin
the unforgettable memorial-maker

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The daughter of Ohio academics. A sculptor, architect + committed environmentalist famous for her public memorials and experimental installations.

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In 1995, Maya was commissioned to create a memorial for Francois-Xavier Bagnoud ~ the heroic helicopter pilot who specialized in rescue missions. What she produced was The Wave Field ~ an earthen landscape sculpture whose grassy ridges traverse the lawn outside University of Michigan's aerospace building. Maya's muse for the design? The combo of fluidity + turbulence that underlies aerodynamics.

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Maya landed her first high-profile gig as an undergrad when she won a contest to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her proposal was picked
from 1441 entries!

Maya ~ whose parents emigrated from China ~ was the architect for NYC's Museum of Chinese
in America.

In 2010, Maya launched "What Is Missing?" ~ an ongoing multimedia "megaproject" to raise awareness about species extinction. She suggests we start by taking notice of the loss of biodiversity in our own backyards ~ "The fact that 40 to 70 percent declines have occurred in some top songbirds in our lifetime means that the landscape of sounds that we heard as children has changed drastically. So that is 'missing'."

discover more...about the scientific research + artistic intuition behind Maya's creative process

"My mission? To get as many people as possible excited about the incredible unlikelihood of our collective existence."

Emily Graslie
the natural-history natural

emily graslie_newsletter.jpg

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A South-Dakota violinist + art history major who turned her passion for dissecting dead things into a career as the world's first-ever pro curiosity correspondent.

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Emily unearthed a secret passion for natural science while volunteering at a Montana zoological museum to fulfill a college grad requirement. Tasked with cleaning 3 bighorn sheep heads, Emily thought ~ why not share her remarkable assignment with the world? Her hit vlog The Brain Scoop was born. The funny-sincere enthusiasm + fascinating factoids Emily brings to each gnarly specimen has made her a YouTube sensation.

Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History took note + decided to tap her talents to help spread the joys of "sciencing." Today, Emily's mission is also her job description as an official chief curiosity correspondent!

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Each episode of The Brain Scoop is prefaced with a "Gross-o-meter." If she's going to skin a two-faced calf, you'll be warned!

Emily almost missed out on her love of labwork because she felt discouraged from pursuing science as a kid. To change that for the next gen, she's stepping up as a mentor for girls in STEM. Her top tip? "Never let anyone make you feel as though you need to fulfill an alternate agenda if what you really want is an education."

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"That video changed everything, and it has given me the platform that I have now to be the voice for anyone who's ever been bullied – and not just myself."

~ Lizzie Velasquez
the cyber-bullied teen turned anti-bullying activist   |   speaking at the debut of her documentary A Brave Heart about finding a viral video of herself on YouTube that dubbed her the world's ugliest woman

"I, as they say, went there."

~ Amy Shumer
the comic writer-actor   |   speaking at SXSW on audience-favorite Trainwreck ~ her deeply personal film debut which co-stars Tilda Swinton + LeBron James

"It is not easy to make these decisions. But it is possible to take control and tackle head-on any health issue. You can seek advice, learn about the options and make choices that are right for you. Knowledge is power."

~ Angelina Jolie Pitt
the actor + UN envoy   |   bravely sharing her decision to have her ovaries removed for the sake of minimizing her cancer risks

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