february 6, 2015

Sunday is the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, so this week we're bringing you memorable moments from the music industry's biggest night of the year.

These legendary performers rose to fame on their golden voices. Their "off-record" ideas + stories speak volumes about the power of music.

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"Without that basic foundation
in showmanship, an act can't
remain at the top. Half of the children nowadays don't even know how to take a bow."

Jackie "Moms" Mabley
the original Queen of Comedy


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An abused teen mom who ran away from home to join a vaudeville troupe. A Harlem hit dubbed "the World's Funniest Woman."

And, the oldest person to have a top 40 hit {for her earnest cover of civil rights anthem "Abraham, Martin and John"}.

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Moms was known for the wit, grit + raunch of her dowdy, toothless alter ego. The top-selling comedy artist was signed to Mercury Records and put out 20+ stand-up albums with music mixed in.

Moms earned her nickname for mentoring young performers, but she didn't think much of their training. As a vaudeville star, she worked hard to learn how to sing, act and tap dance...apparently, even how to take a bow!

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Moms co-authored a 1931 black comedy review with novelist Zora Neale Hurston. The two also co-starred in a skit ~ dressed as cheerleaders!

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Moms was famous for "cougar" jokes, which she played up as a Grammys presenter. Paired up with the handsome Kris Kristofferson at the 1974 ceremony, the 80-year-old Moms joked about his hit country ballad: "‘Help me make it through the night'—if you can make it for half an hour, you're alright with me!" The unscripted quip brought down the house + earned an admiring kiss from Kris.

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"We've swung it, and,
yes, we've sung it.
You won't recognize it...
it's a surprise hit!"

Ella Fitzgerald
the First Lady of Song


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A troubled orphan who got her start at the Apollo Theater's amateur night. Bebop + scat pioneer. One of the greatest vocalists of all time.

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Ella wasn't a songwriter. She built a career on brilliant interpretations of old jazz standards that showed off her insane 3-octave range.

Ella was so gifted at adlibbing she won two Grammys for a live recording of "Mack the Knife" in which she forgot most of the original lyrics! Her last improvised verse accurately predicted the "wrecked" song's success.

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Lucille Ball was a big fan. "Ella's amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record."

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Ella won a whopping 14 Grammys. She scored two at the very first awards ceremony in 1958 and was the first woman to be honored with the Lifetime Achievement award in 1967.

At the 1974 show, Ella teamed up with fellow nominee Mel Torme to perform "Lady Be Good." Their performance earned the longest standing O in Grammy history.

As Ella told a young fan, "If you've got a voice, you go for it!"

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"I've had every part of my life dissected—my choices,
my actions, my words,
my body, my style, my music. When you live your life under that kind of scrutiny, you can either let it break you,
or you can shake it off."

Taylor Swift
the Platinum pop star


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Bullied small-town songwriter turned international pop-country superstar. 7-time Grammy Winner {with 22 noms}.

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Taylor is up for 3 Grammys this year for her hit single "Shake It Off" ~ a dance-inspiring response to her critics. The track departs from her typical country sound but retains her deeply personal style of songwriting with lyrics that double as "figurative diary entries."

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Taylor was famously photobombed on the red carpet by J-Law.

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Taylor is one of the industry's most decorated musicians. She became the youngest recipient of the coveted Grammy for Album of the Year with Fearless in 2010 and opened the 2013 awards show with a performance of break-up anthem "We Are Never Getting Back Together" in full Alice-in-Wonderland regalia.

An advocate for intellectual property rights, Taylor trademarked phrases from her latest album 1989...including "this sick beat" from "Shake It Off."

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