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"The School of Physics permitted us to use an abandoned shed which had been in service as
a dissecting room. It was in
this miserable old shed that
we passed the best and
happiest years of our life."

Marie Curie
the first female Nobel Laureate


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A Polish nationalist who worked as a governess to pay tuition fees in Paris. Nobel Prize winner in physics + chemistry {the first person to win 2...and then have a daughter win one}.

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Marie married fellow researcher Pierre Curie in 1895. He wooed her with the "dream of an existence devoted entirely to science.” Their shared work forged a happy marriage. And, the field of radioactivity.

In 1906, Pierre died in a tragic accident. Marie wrote his biography 17 years later to keep her husband's legacy alive. The superstar scientist always looked back on her humble beginnings with Pierre as the height of her career.

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Marie was the childhood idol of this leading chemist turned political powerhouse.

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Marie and Pierre first bonded over...magnetism!

The pair expanded our periodic table in their first makeshift lab. Radium + polonium were beautiful discoveries. As Marie recalled, "One of our joys was to go into our workroom at night...The glowing tubes looked like faint, fairy lights.”

learn more...about Marie's radioactive romance

"Color is the story of our life."

Rosita Missoni
the matriarch of the first family of fashion


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A girl who liked to play dress up. A young wife who built a world-famous luxury brand with her husband + children.

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Rosita fell for her husband Tai during the 1948 London Olympics. She was a student studying English; he was a hurdler. Her parents owned an embroidery factory outside Milan; he had designed the Italian team's track suits.

Their 60 years of marriage and creative collaboration gave rise to an iconic fashion house ~ renowned for daring patterns in bold hues.

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The couple's romance was colorful from the start. Rosita remembers Tai showed up to the luncheon where they met in an electric blue suit. The party picked him up at Picadilly Circus ~ which has a cupid sculpture as its centerpiece!

Today, Rosita and Tai's children + grandchildren are at the helm of the Missoni label. The next gen of global trendsetters still abide by the family motto ~ "Craftsmanship comes before fashion.”

hear more...about Rosita's signature style tips + turn to interior design

"We were made to love and be loved. If you do that well, you're successful."

Marie Miller
the rising star to have on your radar


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A home-schooled bluegrass fan raised in rural Virginia. A Nashville-based recording artist + music-industry "triple threat" {singer-songwriter-instrumentalist}.

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Quotabelle recently caught up with Marie at her family home in the Shenandoah Valley. The pop-folk artist was taking a well-deserved break after a breakout year.

First signed to a label at 15, Marie has relied on family support + a ton of hard work to realize her dreams. But, she's still down-to-earth about what it means to succeed.

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A Huff Post music critic recently recommended Marie's music to fans of this celebrated songstress since they both dish up "female-fronted country pop that's too catchy to ignore.”

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Marie has 2 EPs out ~ and a hit single "6'2,” which was featured on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. The song's a gentle spoof on the cliché search for true love...but, her boyfriend does just so happen to be 6'2...

Marie got her start playing mandolin alongside her dad's guitar and mom's bass. As the lone pro musician in her household, she joked ~ "Nine siblings—and I'm the only one to survive the family band!”

get the scoop... on our exclusive interview with Marie!

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"The thought of your pain is the source of my own, simultaneously the hope of our reunion is the source of my strength."

~ Kayla Mueller
aid worker in Syria who was captured by ISIS in 2013  |  from a letter written to her family during her captivity and published upon confirmation of her death

"History is repeating itself.

~ Christine Hernandez
attorney for the plaintiffs in a court case challenging the legality of Alabama's ban on same-sex marriages  |  likening the state's reluctance to follow federal guidelines on gay marriage to its refusal to honor desegregation rulings in the 1960s

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