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this week ~ New York Fashion Week
september 12, 2015
special Saturday edition

The worst fashion faux-pas is looking in the mirror and seeing somebody else.
new design
belle couture

Iris Afpel is a 94-year-old style icon whose audacious looks + personality are a wonderful reminder that fashion’s not just for pretty young things. With each mismatched print + statement necklace she pairs with her signature oversized spectacles, Iris is shedding new light on the well-over-65 market. And, encouraging everyone to express our true selves
~ through what we wear and where we live.

New York Fashion Week kicked off on Thursday with 8 days of spectacular catwalks + 72 innovative international designers. In tribute to the biannual gathering of fashion’s finest, we’re sharing quotes + stories from runway role models ~ visionary women who’ve brought us the future of fashion.


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Coco Chanel
the runway revolutionary

Coco Chanel_newsletter

"Fashion is made to be unfashionable. I design my clothes always for tomorrow."
source it! Coco Chanel

~ the illegitimate daughter of a laundrywoman + a clothes peddler

~ a ward taught to sew by nuns at a French abbey orphanage {whose stained glass windows are said to have inspired the interlocking Cs of her luxury label}

~ the couture trailblazer behind one of the most iconic international fashion houses

We have Coco Chanel to thank for the LBD {little black dress}, the pencil skirt + the world’s most popular perfume ~ Chanel No. 5. Raised in an era when fashion was synonymous with fussy corsets, exaggerated bustles and ornate trimmings, Coco ushered in a new century of high style with her no-nonsense elegance.

The designer’s life was as remarkable {and controversial} as her career, rising from the humblest of origins to the height of her industry. The orphaned seamstress who moonlighted as a cabaret singer opened her first Paris hat shop in 1909 with the help of a wealthy French playboy. Her English muse ~ Boy Capel ~ bankrolled 2 more boutique locations in 1913. From her fabulous flat at 31 Rue Cambon, Coco revolutionized women’s wear ~ freeing women’s ankles, waists + coifs while giving the suit a feminine spin.

Today, the bobbed beauty’s formidable fashion empire still grosses $5.4 billion a year in lux clothing, handbags + watches. See more wisdom from the woman who helped us see less is more...

Coco Chanel

Vera Wang
the gown guru


"I want people to see the dress, but focus on
the woman."

source it! Vera Wang

~ a NYC dancer + skater whose parents hailed from Shanghai

~ the youngest fashion editor at Vogue who went on to work 20 years in the field before launching her own label in 1990

~ a famed dress + accessories designer who’s become an industry mogul

When Vera Wang couldn’t find the right modern dress for her own wedding, the designer was inspired to address a gap in the industry. Little did she know, doing “bridal” came with a stigma attached. It initially cost Vera her “insider” status in the fashion world, but 25 years of blissfully happy brides later, she’s one of its best-known names. And, her work has redefined the traditional wedding dress with deconstructed, tea-dipped + even black gowns.

Who’s worn Vera on their big day? Pop stars from Mariah Carey to J-Lo to Alicia Keys. Plus, the daughters of 2 presidential frontrunners, Chelsea Clinton + Ivanka Trump. The queen of bridal’s latest mission? Reaching women who can’t afford hand-draped silk organza with ready-to-wear collections + her own apparel, accessories + home lines at Kohl’s.

Before Vera went into fashion, she was an aspiring competitive figure skater who tried out for the 1968 Olympic team. Discover more about how her background in dance + skating influences her brand...

Vera Wang

Monique Péan
the Jurassic jeweler

Monique Péan_newsletter.jpg

"Sustainable design practices are the future of fashion."
source it! Monique Péan

~ a DC-area daughter of an artist + Haitian-born economic developer

~ an Ivy-educated financial analyst turned top designer + philanthropist

~ a CDFA / Vogue Fashion Fund awardee whose fans include Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson + Kerry Washington

Monique Péan was working on Wall Street when her 16-year-old sister’s death in a car crash made her rethink her future. Leaving behind a high-flying career in finance, Monique found a way to pursue her passions for travel, design and philanthropy by bringing eco-chic to the fine jewelry industry.

Each of her stunning collections has a story behind it, inspired by the indigenous cultures + locally sourced materials of the places Monique has toured ~ from Peru to Norway, Japan to Antarctica. Her hand-made, heirloom pieces modernize age-old artisan traditions she learns on her treks. The designer’s aesthetic has been dubbed “Natural History Museum chic” for her use of unusual stones + artifacts...like meteors, fossilized woolly mammoth teeth + purple stegosaurus bones.

Monique’s work has not only left the fashion industry greener, it has set the standard for giving. Her brand has partnered with charity: water to build wells in Mozambique, Malawi, Ethiopia + Nepal. And, she’s kept her sister’s legacy alive with a foundation that funds scholarships in Haiti. See the breath-taking ways Monique is combining sustainability with high style...

Monique Péan

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This 18-year-old from Brisbane, the first professional adult model with Down syndrome, will be rocking the NYFW runway for FTL Moda on Sunday #fashionfreefromconfines...

I love modeling because it is a way to express myself when words don't always come easy. I hope through modeling I can change societies view of people with Disabilities, exposure is creating awareness, acceptance and inclusion.

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