april 24, 2015

We couldn’t let April pass without joining in the world’s largest literary celebration ~ National Poetry Month.

Today, poems often feel like an archaic or elite art form, but poets and educators are teaming up to make them
fresh + accessible again.

Here are some literary luminaries whose work speaks beautifully to today. And, in Emily’s words, makes us feel as if the tops of our heads were taken off ~


"Nothing's small!
No lily-muffled hum of a summer-bee,
But finds some coupling
with the spinning stars."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
the famous Victorian versifier


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The self-taught daughter of English plantation owners. A precocious poet who was published by age 13 and became the most prominent female writer of her day.
A reclusive invalid estranged from her family after eloping with the dashing young bard Robert Browning.

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In 1856, Elizabeth published a visionary work for the Victorian era. Aurora Leigh is a "novel in verse" that tells the story of an ambitious female artist who rejects a cushy marriage proposal and instead strives to support herself with her true passion ~ poetry. An engrossing mix of religion, philosophy + narrative, the epic poem was so popular, it went through 20 editions before 1900...when Elizabeth's "old-fashioned" oeuvre went out of style. Aurora Leigh didn't make it back into print until its feminist revival in 1978!

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The prolific Christian poet started writing at age 6 and was quickly named "poet laureate" of the Barrett family. She was almost granted that title for all of Britain but lost out to Lord Alfred Tennyson in the end.

The Academy of American Poets shared Elizabeth’s aptly named 1845 sonnet "Patience Taught by Nature" as a Poem-a-Day feature for #npm2015.

Elizabeth's best known for the love poems she penned for her husband + fellow poet Robert Browning ~ an admirer who first wooed her via letters. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways," anyone?

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"Because of her,
we think and create.
Because of her, we make songs.
Because of her, the designs
appear as we weave.
Because of her,
we tell stories and laugh.
We believe in old values
and new ideas."

Luci Tapahonso
the Diné storyteller


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A New Mexico farmer who grew up on the US’s largest Indian reservation. A journalism major convinced to pursue creative writing by mentor Leslie Marmon Silko. A prof + the Navajo Nation’s first-ever poet laureate.

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Luci has no pretensions of being a Lord Byron figure; she’s not interested in individual artistic genius. For her, poetry is a collective effort that speaks through, to and for the community. It’s aim? Preserving + sharing tribal history and identity.

In these lines from "This is how they were placed for us," Luci pays homage to the mythic muse Changing Woman ~ mother of Navajo language and culture.

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"Navajo" is a foreign term derived from Spanish + Tewa. Luci’s nation refer to themselves as Diné.

Though her published work is mainly in English, Luci often composes in her first language. Traditionally, the Diné tongue had no written equivalent, but poems have always been central to tribal culture. As Luci puts it ~ "The combination of song, poetry, and prayer is a natural form of expression for many Navajo people. A person who can 'talk beautifully' is well thought of. To know stories, remember stories, and retell them well is to have been 'raised right.'"

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"This world is made out of sugar.
It can crumble so easily,
but don't be afraid
to stick your tongue out
and taste it."

Sarah Kay
the performance poet


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A city girl who got her start in spoken-word on the Lower East Side as part of the Bowery Poetry Club’s Slam Team. The founder + co-director of Project VOICE who performs and teaches poetry around the world.

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The title of Sarah’s breakout poem was a single letter ~ "B." Her endearing performance of the ode to her hypothetical daughter at TED2011 went viral and helped Sarah turn her poetic calling into a career path.

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Sarah published her much anticipated debut collection in 2014. No Matter the Wreckage includes a decade’s worth of poems ~ complete with illustrations!

The visionary Sarah founded Project VOICE when she was still in high school. Today, her talented team of poet-educators is doing their part to bring poetry to the people. And, get the people writing poetry...everywhere from Indiana to India.

For Sarah, spoken-word isn’t simply about the art. It’s a teaching tool that entertains + inspires. Plus, an ideal medium for communication + connection ~ "So much of our lives are spent hiding parts of ourselves that we think should be attached to shame. When I chose not to hide it, it allowed someone else to say, 'me, too.'"

comedy’s no stranger to Sarah’s routine...discover her funny side

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"I've always been someone who challenges the system and tries to reach for something beyond the status quo. Somehow my mother has survived that."

~ Julie Wolfe
the avant-garde composer   |   responding to unexpected mainstream recognition after winning the Pulitzer Prize for Music for her haunting choral rendition of coal miners’ stories ~ "Anthracite Fields"

"Kim and her famous, entrepreneurial siblings—shepherded by a savvy, tireless matriarch—have expanded the very definition of family."

~ Martha Stewart
the lifestyle guru   |   summing up the social impact of Kim Kardashian West in an essay for TIME after the "first lady of #fame" was named to the magazine’s 2015 list of the world’s 100 Most Influential People

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