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this week ~ Entrepreneur's Day
november 13, 2015

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Hi, Pauline Weger here. I founded Quotabelle 2 years ago to create a mobile inspiration gallery powered by the ideas + stories of remarkable women & girls. We’ve made great strides ~ 200+ profiles, 4000+ quotes and, just last week, our first patent.

In honor of Entrepreneur's Day, I’m sharing a few muses from my personal collection ~ 3 game-changing founders who’ve inspired me on my journey to make a vision a reality. I'm also proud to announce the next big step on that journey.

Next week, we're launching the Quotabelle marketplace on Indiegogo.

We need your help.

Early orders are absolutely critical to the success of a crowdfunding campaign. Please support Quotabelle’s mission by backing us on Day 1. And, by sharing the Indiegogo link we'll send your way with friends, family + colleagues. You'll earn beautifully crafted perks that you can be proud to use and share ~ artisan quote-goods inspired + designed by talented women.

There are other perks to backing Quotabelle, too. Like, inspiring someone through what you purchase + gift. Boosting a female-founded, female-powered small business. Supporting artists, craftspeople, and other small businesses that produce what we sell. Adding to the growing collection of stories + sourced quotes in quotabelle.com. And, helping us debut our #QuotesintheClass initiative to put the ideas of real women & girls into grade-school classrooms + curricula.


Madam CJ Walker
the beauty-culture founder

Madam CJ Walker_newsletter

"There is no royal flower-strewn road to success, and if there is, I have not found it, for what success I have obtained is the result of many sleepless nights and real hard work."
source it! Madam CJ Walker

~ the orphaned daughter of former Louisiana slaves

~ a young widow who was left to fend for herself + her daughter at age 20

~ the owner of a thriving Indianapolis-based manufacturing company + the US’s first female self-made millionaire

Madam CJ Walker built a world-famous cosmetics brand from $1.50 in startup capital and door-to-door sales of her own hair-care formulas.

The aspiring entrepreneur invented her first product ~ Madam CJ Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower ~ in 1906. It was a mix inspired by + tested on her own brittle, patchy tresses. She rightly anticipated that there would be a market for her recipe since hair loss was common among poor working women like herself.

But, Madam CJ’s business did more than help African-American women feel better about their looks. It empowered them to “secure freedom and prosperity” at a time when their social and economic options were severely limited. Besides donating 2/3 of her fortune to civil rights causes, the founder recruited a national network of salespeople + started a beauty college for “hair culture” to give hundreds of others the opportunities she’d lacked.

Madam CJ was a great advocate for seizing opportunities. After not being invited to speak at the National Negro Business League’s annual convention, she commandeered the podium from conference chair Booker T. Washington to tell the story of “promoting herself” from dollar-a-day washwoman to big boss. See the bold lines that stole the show + earned her a standing ovation...

Madam CJ Walker

Adi Tatarko
the remodeler of the home-improvement industry

Adi Tatarko_newsletter

"Get into the business for the right reasons—to build something great that you’re passionate about and that fills a real need."
source it! Adi Tatarko

~ an Israeli girl who met her husband on a 16-hour bus-ride across Thailand

~ a financial advisor + founder of a software company

~ the founder + ceo of the world’s biggest home-oriented inspiration platform

Adi Tatarko and her husband Alon Cohen bought a midcentury ranch house in 2006. It needed major work, and the couple’s frustrating efforts revealed a major gap in the remodeling market. There were no comprehensive online guides to turn to for design inspirations, practical tips or product + local service recs. Adi decided it was time to create an easy + transparent venue where homeowners and contractors could collaborate.

They launched Houzz as a passion project, but, by 2010, a bounty of enthusiastic users convinced Adi + Alon to quit their day jobs. Why was their business such a hit? Adi has a hunch it was because they bootstrapped Houzz, taking time to ensure the product matched their vision + guaranteed the best possible user experience before they sought investment.

As Adi likes to joke ~ it was way easier to build a business together than it was to renovate their home! That’s why Houzz has become a billion-dollar idea with 25 million unique users each month and international offices that take it well beyond its Silicon Valley roots.

Adi’s personal Houzz profile describes her aesthetic as “soft modern with some vintage touches.” Hear more about the founder’s mission to cultivate a “welcoming” space for all styles + budgets...

Adi Tatarko

Danae Ringelmann
the crowdfunding pioneer

Danae Ringelmann_newsletter

"A great entrepreneur is someone who keeps saying 'yes' to what's possible, when the world is saying 'no' to the unknown."
source it! Danae Ringelmann

~ the daughter of Bay Area small business owners

~ a disenchanted investment banker who set out to democratize finance

~ the co-founder of + chief development officer for the world’s largest crowdfunding site

When Danae Ringelmann was growing up, her parents struggled to secure loans to build their brick and mortar company. Her first job out of college ~ as a New York investment banker who worked in media + entertainment ~ drove home how the visions of artists + entrepreneurs were often eclipsed by high finance.

Danae decided it was time to change the system. She set out to build a business that would empower creatives + visionaries to see their projects come to life. How? By putting finance into the hands of the people.

In 2008, Indiegogo was born. But, Danae + the 2 co-founders she recruited while getting her MBA at Berkeley faced the same difficulties they were trying to help others overcome. Their team was rejected by 92 investors before they got their first backing.

Today, Indiegogo has hosted more than 275,000 campaigns in 224 countries. In the past 2 years, the funds raised on the site have increased by 1000%. And, it’s clear that Danae’s push to democratize investment has worked. While the stats show that only 15% of funded startups have at least one female founder, 47% of Indiegogo campaigns that exceed their funding goal are run by women. Discover some of Danae’s personal favorite crowdfunding campaigns...

Danae Ringelmann

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