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this week ~ Dog Day
august 21, 2015

Because of the dog's joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift.
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human’s best friend

America’s best-selling poet is also a dog-lover. In 2013, Mary Oliver published Dog Songs, a collection dedicated to the canines in her life ~ from Tippy, the Ohio stray who became her childhood pet, to Ricky, the Havenese who currently shares her Provincetown home. And Percy {named after Romantic poet P.B. Shelley}, the curly Bichon Frisé Mary gave as a present because her partner of 40 years had a dying wish ~ a little dog to hold.

Dog Day is August 26. It’s a time to promote adoption + fair treatment for the furred friends who love us, work for us, play with us and heal us. Here are “tails” worth sharing about the special bonds we have with dogs...


Edith Wharton
the author + dog advocate

Edith Wharton_newsletter

"My little old dog: a heart-beat at my feet."
source it! Edith Wharton

~ a New York high-society daughter...born into the family supposedly referred to in the saying “keeping up with the Joneses”

~ a best-selling author who wrote 40 books + 85 short stories

~ the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1921

Edith Wharton didn’t finish her first novel until age 40. But, she forged a career from it that secured her place as a literary icon. The writing routine behind her success? Mornings spent scribbling in bed with her dogs. They were the only “people” allowed, and there were always a few tucked in the sheets.

Dogs offered the author consolation and companionship throughout her life. Her lonely childhood was brightened by a Pitz named Foxy; her unhappy marriage by housing a half-dozen pets at any given time. Edith’s Massachusetts estate even had a dog cemetery {in view of her studio} with headstones for all her favorites ~ including a pair of Chihuahuas, Mimi + Miza. Mimi passed away just before Edith wrote her tragic magnum opus The House of Mirth. Linky, her last beloved Pekingese, died just 4 months before her. No surprise, the dedicated dog-lover was also a founding member of ASPCA, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Before she was a well-known novelist, Edith was a self-taught designer who penned popular books on architecture, landscaping + home decor. Get tips from the turn-of-the-century tastemaker...

Edith Wharton

Susan Butcher
the Last-Great-Race legend

Susan Butcher_newsletter.jpg

"I train my dogs to have a 'trust-and-be-trusted' relationship. It's mutual trust. Theirs in my guidance, and mine in their ability and instincts."
source it! Susan Butcher

~ a Massachusetts kid whose first composition was entitled, "I hate the city.
I love the country."

~ a dyslexic student who left veterinary school to become a dogsledder

~ a champion musher + top dog trainer who was the first to win the Iditarod
3 times in a row

When Susan Butcher decided to move to Alaska at age 20, she went straight off the grid. A single-engine plane dropped her, a friend + 4 puppies at a backcountry cabin with no electricity or running water. Her daily activity was survival; her nearest neighbor was 40 miles away.

Three years later, Susan competed in her first Iditarod ~ a grueling,1000-mile trek from Anchorage to Nome. She won the Last Great Race on Earth for the first time in 1986 ~ a year after a moose attack on the trail left 2 of her team dead + 13 injured. {She fought it off with her parka + an axe.}

Susan’s victories not only broke records, they changed the culture of the sport. When she started racing, fellow competitors thought she’d never win because she “babied” her dogs. By the time she retired with 4 Iditarod titles, Susan’s humane + nurturing training methods had become best practice.

This year marked the 10-year anniversary of Susan’s death from leukemia. Hear more dog stories from the adventurer who raised 2 daughters alongside 96 Huskies...

Susan Butcher

Heidi Ganahl
the top dog of pet care

Heidi Ganahl_newsletter.jpg

"I have always loved dogs. They don't play emotional games—they just love you, love you, love you."
source it! Heidi Ganahl

~ an Orange Country girl who moved to Colorado at age 12

~ a pharmaceutical rep + entrepreneur with two failed startups

~ the founder + ceo of the world’s largest doggie daycare franchise

Heidi Ganahl and her husband Bion had a crazy business plan. Inspired by their two rescue dogs, they called it Camp Bow Wow. The idea was put on hold when Bion died in plane crash on his 25th birthday. Mick + Winnie, the lovable mutts who sparked their interest in pet care, helped see the young widow through her grief.

Five years later, Heidi withdrew her last $83K from a million-dollar insurance settlement, dusted off their dream + opened her first doggie daycare facility. The founder’s passionate, all-in attitude has made her a pioneer of what is now a $5 billion industry. Today, Camp Bow Wow has more than 200 franchises, half of which are owned by women, all of which have helped people to make a living from doing what they love.

The company’s unofficial motto has always been ~ “Don’t put the dollar before the dog.” Now its chief exec is putting serious dollars towards dogs in need through the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. See more about Heidi’s “Extreme Home Makeover” for local dog shelters...

Heidi Ganahl

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Other End Leash What Around
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Flush Biography Virginia Woolf
Shiloh Quartet Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Quotabelle news   who said it?

Where are all the great things she has said about dogs?

We had trouble digging up quotes by female pet-lovers + pet-care professionals for this week’s edition of the Quotabelle newsletter.

Do you have a quote from a woman or girl about dogs, cats or pets? Throw us a bone! Submit it to the collection!

We’ll publish a listicle of all your best finds on our forthcoming blog...

"When your children are teenagers, it's important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you." 
"If all we want is to be happy, then we may wish to be born in our next lives as a poodle!" 
"My expectations of what I wanted in a man I learned from a dog: loyalty and kindness." 

from our #citeseers
Thanks to Wendy for sending these lines {from the actor who just nabbed a Tony for playing Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience} about sharing the stage with corgis...

Our two corgis were rescue dogs six weeks before the show. They were in a home looking to be adopted, and now they’re Broadway stars! Dogs, like actors, will do anything for a treat.

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