December 8, 2014

We're delighted to introduce you to Quotabelle, a welcoming place to discover the ideas + stories of real women & girls.

After countless hours of research and writing by everyday people, we've launched a custom technology platform that features the quotes + stories of 120 unforgettable, remarkable and notable people who inspire us. And, offers an innovative solution to a noticeable quote supply problem.

To build a bank of beautifully {and accurately} said quotes, we chose to start from scratch. Our mantra: sourcing and context trump quantity.

Each week you’ll find new profiles and sourced quotations. Look to the end of this newsletter for tips about how to cite-see + navigate Quotabelle.

Up this week ~ how quotes ignite innovation.


"Grateful read the nice mark'd lines, Where taste and judgment's shewn; Where virtue all harmonious shines."

Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson
colonial poet

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unforgettable {pre-1900}

Collecting + sharing quotes is nothing new. As early as the 15th century, people began compiling quotations in their personal commonplace books.

Commonplace books were records of discovery ~ places for people to track important ideas they encountered. Reading, re-reading and sharing the quotes and concepts contained in them were central to innovation + learning...especially prior to formalized education.

Milcah Martha Moore’s commonplace book gathered the works of a brilliant community of New England women from the revolutionary era. Including, Pennsylvania poet Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson. The independent Elizabeth {one-time sweetheart of Ben Franklin’s son} also translated French literature + ran her own salon.

These lines are drawn from a poem she wrote in praise of her friend Milcah ~ for assembling an exceptional collection of words worth sharing.

"Here's what my love affair with quotations has taught me: the more you focus on words that uplift you, the more you embody the ideas contained in those words."

Oprah Winfrey
media mogul + philanthropist

Toprah words that matter_newsletter

remarkable {20th century}

Quotes are words that inspire us long after they were written or said. They not only uncover past role models, they help us spot new ones.

With her talk shows, websites, magazine, book club, tv network and more, Oprah Winfrey has built a billion-dollar empire around sharing words + stories that matter.

To us, it’s no surprise that Oprah has "lived her life by quotations and sayings." In fact, she starts each day by taking time to brew a good cup of tea while steeping her soul in a good quote.

"In order for us to truly create and contribute to the world, we have to be able to connect countless dots,
to cross-pollinate ideas."

Maria Popova
blogger + creator of Brain Pickings

popova literary jukebox_newsletter

notable {present-day}

Quote collecting has new multimedia possibilities in our connected, mobile world. Maria Popova has made a name for herself as an “interestingness hunter-gatherer” for the 21st century. In her popular blog Brain Pickings, she culls diverse ideas past + present...and, curates them to speak beautifully to today. Besides her daily offerings of {sourced} wisdom, one of Maria’s many creative side projects is Literary Jukebox ~ " an experiment in cross-pollinating the arts" that pairs quotes and songs.

One of our fav mash-ups? Virginia Woolf meets Joni Mitchell.

We agree with Maria that creativity is " combinatorial" ~ she's one modern muse for our gallery-style collection!

Fixing the quote supply problem.
Theme: Innovation


We're looking for {sourced} quotes by women & girls around the topic of innovation.

Will you help?

Quotes have been part of the ideation process for generations.

Yet, after scouring books, articles, listicles, twitter feeds and more, we’re wondering where are all the wise words that women & girls have said about innovation.

Here’s where you come in.

  • Register as a Quotabelle member.

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  • If your quote is selected for the collection, you'll be entered to win a Quotabelle gift.

  • Within one week: we’ll add a selection of the pithiest things she’s said about innovation to the site. And, mail the gift.

Last up, a key ~ to exploring the collection + joining the community...

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Thank you ~ together we can reimagine how we find and share her quotes + her stories.

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