December 12, 2014

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The holiday season is primetime for storytelling. Holidays themselves are founded on stories. And, reconnecting with those people, places + foods we love often rekindles the stories we love, too.

This week, we're bringing you some of our favorite storytellers from the Quotabelle collection...with a few good holiday stories mixed in.


"I wrote the story myself.
It's all about a girl
who lost her reputation
and never missed it."

Mae West
movie star + screenwriter

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unforgettable {She entertains}

Mae West is well known for her sassy delivery of provocative one-liners, but it's less known she wrote most of them herself.

Already a seasoned entertainment vet by the time her act made it to the silver screen, Mae rose to the top not only on her famous good looks + serious comedic chops, but also her over-the-top storytelling.Already a seasoned entertainment vet by the time her act made it to the silver screen, Mae rose to the top not only on her famous good looks + serious comedic chops, but also her over-the-top storytelling.

The stories she told were racy...especially for a woman. They often put Mae at odds with Hollywood censors. This quote is directed to a board reviewing her 1933 hit with Cary Grant I'm No Angel. One of her least objectionable scripts was the 1937 Christmas release Every Day's a Holiday. With Mae starring as vengeful con woman Peaches O'Day, it was still not your typical heartwarming holiday flick.

Fun throw-back fact to share...the Queen of Camp also wrote songs ~ including tracks for a 1966 holiday album Wild Christmas.

"If you develop the art of seeing us as more alike than we are unalike, then all stories are understandable."

Maya Angelou
"America's Poet" + beloved all-around author

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{remarkable | She inspires}

"There is no greater agony," Maya Angelou wrote in the 1969 memoir that put her work on the map, "than bearing an untold story inside you." Maya was able to eloquently relate her tough childhood experiences in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Since then, she has given us some of our best-loved stories ~ in poems + memoirs...and even cookbooks + greeting cards!

Maya has also been a go-to quoteur for the holidays. A poem she read for a 2005 White House tree-lighting ceremony instantly became a bestselling gift that Christmas. "Amazing Peace" is a poetic reminder that the holidays are a time to share stories that remind us we are "more alike than unalike."

This December, Maya's grandchildren helped introduce Rainbow in the Cloud ~ a collection of their Maya favorite quotes in honor of the iconic author's passing.

"For me, the best way
to be inspired to try
is to stop and to listen
to someone else's story...
And I believe more and more
every time I listen
in that person's potential
to do great things in the world
and in my own potential to help."

Jessica Jackley
social entrepreneur + founder of Kiva

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{notable | She invents}

Storytelling is not just the domain of authors and entertainers. Stories are at the heart of how we understand ourselves + connect with each other. For Jessica Jackley, they offer a way to personalize daunting global issues like poverty. And, empower us to make a difference.

In fact, when Jessica co-founded Kiva in 2005, she wasn't thinking of it first and foremost as a ground-breaking peer-to-peer microfinance platform. Instead, she thought of the nonprofit ~ which has already enabled over $600 million in small-scale loans to people in 85 countries ~ as an opportunity to retell the stories we know about the poor. To, in effect, turn "stories of poverty into stories of entrepreneurship."

This holiday season, sign on to participate in someone else's story by joining the supportive community at Kiva or giving a gift that matters.

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