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this week ~ Shark Week
july 10, 2015

The ocean is fragile. We cannot think locally because our oceans do not know political boundaries.
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It’s Shark Week ~ the Discovery Channel’s most popular slate of new programming in their annual line-up. 42 million viewers tuned in for last year’s shows like “Monster Hammerhead” and “Lair of the Mega Shark.”

Behind the attention-grabbing titles is an important cause ~ awareness + conservation for these oft-misunderstood predators.

The timing has never been better for lessons on Selachimorpha. With the unprecedented spike in shark attacks along Carolina beaches, scientists have been stepping up to help us understand “why.” Particularly since sharks don’t prey on humans. Humans eat sharks. Tens of millions of sharks are killed each year, often just for their fins. Protecting these threatened populations is critical to the health of our oceans. And, figuring out the “why” behind the surge in sharks along shallow shorelines helps keep everyone safe.

Today’s marine biologists + shark-loving “finbassadors” inspire future sea stewards. Here are a few stories of women & girls with big fish tales to tell.


Eugenie Clark
the Shark Lady

eugenie clark_newsletter

"I began to realize that these 'gangsters' of the deep had gotten a bad rap."
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~ a curious kid who traced her love of fish to her Japanese heritage + weekends spent at the Battery Park Aquarium

~ a trailblazing fish biologist who took many an aspiring ichthyologist under her "flipper"

~ an adventurous deep-sea researcher who founded Mote Marine Lab

Eugenie Clark may have discovered several species of fish {Red Sea Moses Sole, anyone?}, but the work she’s best remembered for is her ground-breaking research on sharks. A long-time shark enthusiast + expert, she also added shark rider {when she took a turn on a 50-foot whale shark} and {the first successful} shark trainer to her impressive resume by the end of her career.

Since she knew the big fish up close and personal, Genie doubled as PR person for the genus ~ working to dispel their stereotypical “gangster” image through public education. She filmed myth-dispelling documentaries + tv specials {including many that could have made the Shark Week schedule}. Famously, she took the author of the pop novel + film Jaws on a tour to de-bunk his horror-movie representation of Great Whites.

Genie was an incredibly popular professor whose lectures overflowed with unregistered attendees. See why...

eugenie clark

Nancy Knowlton
the coral-reef conservationist

nancy knowlton_newsletter.jpg

"Live biodiversity is much, much more valuable than anything you could sell in a market."
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~ a young science student who fell in love with coral reefs {+ her future husband} as a grad student in Jamaica

~ a Berkeley zoology PhD + Yale prof who founded the Scripps Center for Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

~ a Smithsonian marine scientist + environmental change-maker

Nancy Knowlton has spent her life studying coral reefs ~ some of the most diverse + fragile ecosystems on Earth. But, the lauded researcher has never been satisfied with just doing science. She’s also a voice for the ocean as a prominent educator + policy advisor.

Her decade-long Census of the Sea project tracked down 30 million species and set the bar for measuring the health of the world’s saltwater. As sharks are overfished, poached and “finned” to make delicacies, Nancy’s work shows that sharks are far more valuable to us ~ economically + environmentally ~ when they’re still alive + swimming. After all, sharks’ hunting and scavenging maintains ecological balance that allows tourist and fishing economies to thrive.

Discover how this scientist nicknamed “Dr. Doom” decided to spearhead an “ocean optimism” movement...

nancy knowlton

Bethany Hamilton
the soul surfer

bethany hamilton_newsletter.jpg

"I am still learning how to cope every day. I'm not talking about learning how to button my top with one hand. I'm talking about coping with being a celebrity."
source it! bethany hamilton

~ a Kauai girl who started surfing competitively at age 8

~ a teen shark attack survivor whose courageous recovery inspired a book + film

~ a Christian mentor, motivational speaker + best-selling author with a foundation to support fellow amputees

On Halloween of 2003, when she was just 13, Bethany Hamilton lost 90% of her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark. Just one month later, she was back riding tunnels. Ten weeks later, she entered a competition. By the end of 2005, she had 5 top-three finishes.

Her amazing resilience ~ which Bethany attributes to her faith in God ~ garnered international attention. Her story of overcoming also encouraged others not to fear what might be lurking beneath the waves. The passionate surfer is the first to remind folks that shark attacks are extremely rare since “their menu doesn’t include people.” When she goes out, she translates any lingering fears into awe at nature’s beauty + joy in sharing the ocean with the creatures that live there.

Today, the 25-year-old Bethany has a new challenge ~ a baby! Hear how this new mom is using her inspiring voice to be a fitness advocate for young women...

bethany hamilton

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"I could boil water for tea but my first big recipe was shark repellent that I mixed in a bathtub for the Navy, for the men who might get caught in the water." 
"It’s a mistake to completely subdue nature and reduce wilderness to civilizations. It’s better to make the two live together in pleasant and fruitful co-existence." 
"I like some animals more than some people, some people more than some animals." 

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The ocean was like this undiscovered world, right here on our planet. Under water, it seemed, there were no boundaries. The ocean is a living soup. I find that enchanting.

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