january 2, 2015

It's resolution time. So, this week Quotabelle is spotlighting the insights of a few women born right where the ball drops...native New Yorkers whose work offers ideas to ponder after the confetti settles.

While their perspectives vary greatly, all 3 Big-Apple authors have dedicated their careers to helping people lead more fulfilling lives ~ socially + professionally, spiritually + creatively.

We love the way a good quote can sometimes bring life into focus.

Quotes can also shape and steer our resolutions, help us share them and keep them on track. Here are some wise words that may very well spark a resolution or two...

Cheers to a new year!

"Life is a bank in which you deposit certain funds of character, intellect and heart; or other funds of egotism, hard-heartedness and unconcern; or deposit—nothing! The bank honors your deposit, and no more.

You can draw nothing out but what you have put in."

Emily Post
the mistress of manners

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Heiress Emily Post built an empire on etiquette...which {as she liked to remind people} is not just good manners but also good ethics. Her expertise on the subject was born of experience. The well-known socialite found herself embroiled in a high-profile scandal when her messy divorce proceedings made headlines. A lifelong writer, Emily decided to put her talents toward helping others navigate life's tricky business.

Today, the Emily Post Institute she founded in 1946 continues to evolve the guideposts laid out in her 1922 magnum opus. And, Emily's great granddaughter herself carries on the family biz of dishing etiquette advice. Lizzie Post's top "etiquette resolutions" for 2015? Turn off your devices + amp up your P's, Q's and RSVP's...

"Tuning in to yourself
is the first step
toward tuning in to others."

Sharon Salzberg
the meditation teacher + happiness expert

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Sharon Salzberg's troubled childhood left her feeling lost + undeserving of love. Seeking reconciliation with her self and the world brought her to India, where she found a calling in Buddhist meditation. 40 years later, Sharon continues to help others find peace + love through the Massachussets-based Insight Meditation Society she co-founded in 1976.

At the end of December, you can join Sharon in the Catskill Mountains for an annual New Year's Eve retreat. Her workshops help participants reflect on the past and set their intentions for the year to come!

If you can't make it to the woods of New England, you still turn to Sharon's books on "real happiness" to hear how ancient traditions ~ of deepening awareness, mindfulness + lovingkindness ~ speak to our lives + work in the 21st century.

"The gift of failure is a riddle. Like the number zero, it will always be both the void and the start of infinite possibility."

Sarah Lewis
the art historian + curator

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Sarah Lewis began her career in art at 14 when she entered a national competition put on by the NAACP. Her still-life earned her top honors and a face-to-face with Rosa Parks at the awards ceremony.

Since then, Sarah has lived out her love of art through museum curation and university research. Her work with the arts has also sparked ideas that speak to all fields of endeavor. Sarah's book The Rise was one of brain-picker Maria Popova's top reads of 2014. In it, she explores how failure is central to the creative process + entrepreneurship. And, argues that real fulfillment comes not from failure's opposite {finite moments of success} but from the ongoing, passionate pursuit of mastery.

Sarah will be bringing her insights to the ELLE Agenda in 2015. Her first speaking gig in the new year? A conversation with artist Nell Painter in connection with the Brooklyn Historical Society's exhibit She Said, She Said...a name we're keen on at Quotabelle!

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We're looking for {sourced} quotes by women & girls that speak to making or breaking resolutions.

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We recently asked for quotes about impact. Among our favorites:

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito."
~Anita Roddick

"Everyone worries about what we should be doing. Do whatever you can."
~Gloria Steinem

"Women can help turn the world right side up."
~Wilma Mankiller

Sharing quotes is a great way to connect with your team or community ~ browse by impact...

What is she saying now? Introducing for 2015...her words of the week ~ Quotabelle's featured quote drawn from what's being discussed today:

"Bottom line is folks should interrogate history. Don't take my word for it or LBJ rep's word for it. Let it come alive for yourself."

~ Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma tweeting on the film's controversial portrayal of President Lyndon B. Johnson

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