may 1, 2015

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Here are a few gems from teachers we appreciate ~ ground-breaking global educators who've given us research, methods + organizations that empower children to learn and lead.


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"To stimulate life—leaving it then free to develop, to unfold—herein lies the first task of the educator."

Maria Montessori
the global education innovator

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The first woman to earn a medical degree in Italy. The face of 20th-century education reform. A champion for the rights of children, women and the disabled.

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After Maria successfully debuted her scientific teaching style in a school she opened in a low-income district of Rome, she decided it was time to share her findings. The Montessori Method had an immediate international impact. Within 5 years of its first publication in 1909, there were Montessori schools on 5 continents.

Maria's major education intervention? Instead of imposing heavy-handed lectures, religious doctrine and discipline on a class, teachers would give students freedom to pursue hands-on, self-directed activities. The result? Independent kids who developed their senses + individuality along with their intellect.

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Today, there are more than 20,000 schools that bear the Montessori name.

The early-education guru had a child of her own. Her son Mario was raised in foster care but grew up to be one of his mom's key collaborators.

Witnessing two world wars only strengthened Maria's convictions in the classroom. Her timeless reminder ~ "Education is the best weapon for peace."

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"We don't actually need
to make our babies and
young children smarter;
they're already literally the
smartest, greatest learning
machines that we know of
in the entire universe."

Alison Gopnik
the cognitive scientist of the crib

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A Canadian student who was interested in cog sci before we had an official name for it. A Berkeley psychology professor who has revolutionized our thinking about how babies think.

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While we often consider babies to be less capable than adults, Alison's research shows that children's brains are far better at learning + imagining.

The findings in her 2009 book The Philosophical Baby make early childhood education a must. We don't need to make our kids smarter, but we do need to "give them situations and contexts in which they can take all those capacities and actually put them to use."

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Alison was studying philosophy at Oxford when she realized she preferred the company of babies to that of her fellow Logic-Lane scholars. After all, philosophers' egos demanded constant attention and care-taking while babies turned out to be the real "disinterested seekers of truth."

Alison argues that attentive teachers who are well-paid and unstressed are essential to human development. Outside the classroom, the doctor recommends hearty doses of nature + play ~ "Children need more exposure to mud, livestock, and relatives."

According to Alison, we have a lot to learn from kids...see what toddlers can teach us!

"Education should teach us that 'we can.'"

Kiran Sethi
the designer for change

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An Indian designer inspired to re-invent education for her children. Founder of the Riverside School + aProCh {a Protagonist in every Child} + Design for Change.

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Kiran created Ahmedabad's Riverside School as a lab for designing teaching methods that spread the "I can" bug. Kiran's experiential lessons consciously blurred the lines between classroom + community ~ empowering kids to take charge of their own education. And, civil society.

Since the school's founding in 2001, Riverside students have driven social change in their region ~ taking on everything from child labor to public safety, underage marriages to adult literacy.

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In 2009, the social entrepreneur decided to take her education movement global with Design for Change. The organization ~ which now spans 35 countries ~ has catalyzed more than 300,000 child change agents to create solutions for the problems they care about most.

Skeptics thought Kiran's unconventional methods + focus on good citizenship wouldn't prepare kids for professional success, but her students' stats clearly show ~ "When children are empowered, they not only do good, they do well."

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"The aid that comes in within the first weeks and even months is of a life-saving nature. That's the period when the local capacity is almost zero, so outside help is really important."

~ Vijaya Ramachandran
the Center for Global Development fellow   |   encouraging people to donate immediately to earthquake relief in Nepal

"We can imbue our criminal justice system with both strength and fairness, for the protection of both the needs of victims and rights of all. We can restore trust and faith both in our laws and in those of us who enforce them."

~ Loretta Lynch
the first African-American woman to serve as US Attorney General   |   in remarks following her April 27 swearing-in ceremony...just before she gave her first presidential brief about violent confrontations between police and protestors in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray

"I didn't really see myself as some epitome of the modern woman. There was a war on, and you did what you could."

~ Mary Doyle Keefe {in memoriam}
the telephone operator who Norman Rockwell asked to model for his iconic portrait of Rosie the Riveter   |   shared in an obit honoring her 92 years of life

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