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this week ~ Wimbledon
june 26, 2015

Along with our best game, we want to bring our personalities onto the court.
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When superstar sibs Venus and Serena Williams were growing up, their dad got them in the championship spirit by telling them each to pick a singles tournament they were going to win. Both chose Wimbledon. Both won it. 5 times.

Tennis’s oldest and most prestigious tournament kicks off this Monday. The Williams sisters will play the grass courts with personality + style...just like so many game-changing women who’ve come before them.

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Dorothea Lambert Chambers
the women’s sports advocate

dorothea lambert chambers_newsletter.jpg

"Athletics have done much for the health and mind of the modern girl."
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~ an all-round athlete from Ealing, England who excelled at tennis, badminton + field hockey

~ a tennis gold medalist in the 1908 Olympics

~ a 7-time Wimbledon singles winner {and 11-time finalist}

Before there was an official pro circuit, Dorothea was a women’s tennis pioneer. The top player pre-WWI, she was especially formidable on grass ~ with a 32-8 overall singles record at Wimbledon.

But, the racquet specialist wasn't satisfied with simply honing her own game. She promoted the sport for women in general during an era when competitive play was deemed "unladylike."

To that end, Dorothea wrote the 1910 illustrated primer ~ Lawn Tennis for Ladies ~ that got many a woman to don her tennis whites and take to the courts. The tennis teacher encouraged enlightened readers to participate in healthful exercise + help the world realize that "womanliness" doesn't mean "frailty."

Get Dorothea’s tips on everything from a killer “fore-hand drive” to keeping your head in the competition...

dorothea lambert chambers

Billie Jean King
the champion for champions

billie jean king_newsletter.jpg

"Pressure is a privilege."
source it! billie jean king

~ the pro whose most famous victory was off the circuit...getting a "W" for gender equality in a 1973 match ~ dubbed the "Battle of the Sexes" ~ against trash-talking champ Bobby Riggs

~ a 12-time Grand Slam singles title winner + namesake of the national tennis center that's home to the US Open

~ the founder of the Women’s Sports Foundation + recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Billie Jean won her first major singles title at Wimbledon in 1966. She went on to add 5 more Venus Rosewater Dishes to her career trophy case...without much padding to her bank account.

In 1968, the prize money for Wimbledon’s female champ totaled £750. Women earned a pittance compared to male competitors and were eligible for far fewer tournaments. So, Billie Jean took action. A week before the 1973 Wimbledon Championships, she organized a meeting to found the Women’s Tennis Association ~ the pro organization for female players.

Today, tennis is the only pro sport with pay equity. The men’s and women’s 2015 singles champs at Wimbledon will earn the same ~ nearly $3 million each. That may be a million dollars more than Billie Jean made during her entire career, but she’s not sweating it. The pressure she faced as a player and leader translated into influence, serving up the ability to make a real difference.

See how Billie Jean's mantra shapes her off-court advocacy...

billie jean king

Serena Williams
the winning-est woman in tennis

serena williams_newsletter.jpg

"I went on the courts with just a ball and a racket and a hope."
source it! serena williams

~ a Compton kid who was coached + homeschooled by her dad

~ the power player + comeback queen who’s ranked world #1 for the 6th time in her career

~ the world’s 2nd-highest-earning female athlete with nearly $25 million in winnings + endorsements this year

Serena won her first Grand Slam singles title in 1999. In January, she beat out Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open to claim her 19th. The pro who has seen a host of ups and downs got emotional on the podium thinking about her unlikely journey ~ from a kid whose family didn’t have much but was “rich in spirit and support” to one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Now {after winning the 2015 French Open}, the 33-year-old is poised for a sincerely history-making year. If Serena is crowned champion at Wimbledon + the US Open, she’ll tie Steffi Graf’s Open-Era record of 22 singles titles and complete her first career calendar Grand Slam ~ winning all 4 majors in one year!

She’s already the oldest woman to be #1. Stay tuned as Serena continues to build her legacy...

serena williams

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