february 27, 2015

In the US, we split the difference between Abe Lincoln's + George Washington's February birthdays to celebrate President's Day.

The 44 historic honorees don't include any women, but we have high hopes for 2016. Rumor has it that this former secretary of state + this former top tech exec may well be in the race...

In anticipation, here are a few trailblazers ~ women among the world's first female elected heads of state.


p.s. Quotabelle got presidential this week...working alongside the team at the White House to spotlight the untold stories of remarkable African American scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians...STEM heroes!

"Don't be so humble—
you're not that great."

Golda Meir
the original Iron Lady


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A Russian émigré who grew up in Wisconsin. A Labor Zionist who married her husband on the condition they'd move to a kibbutz in Palestine. Israel's first female prime minister.

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After serving as labor + foreign minister, Golda became Israel's 4th prime minister in 1969. The same year, her director general told The New York Times that this one-liner was one of his brilliant boss's favorite sayings.

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Golda was one of 2 women who served as signatories for the 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence that established the Jewish state.

Golda also led a US campaign that raised $50 million for the fledgling country's defense budget. When she became PM 20 years later, the embattled nation was engaged in a military showdown with Egypt in the Suez Canal. She told LIFE ~ "We have won all our wars, but we have paid for them. We don't want victories anymore."

discover more...about Golda's diplomatic dealings with JFK + Nixon

"In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman."

Margaret Thatcher
the Iron Lady


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A grocer's daughter who won a scholarship to study chemistry + law at Oxford. The youngest female political candidate in the UK who became the nation's first female prime minister.

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It took Margaret 3 tries before she was elected to parliament as Conservative MP in 1959. In a 1965 keynote at a feminist political conference hosted by the National Union of Townswomen's Guilds, Margaret dished up some of her most iconic quotes.

In 1979, she became prime minister...spending her more than 11 years in high office living up to her rep for "deeds not words."

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Margaret gave a tearful tribute in response to the assassination of this fellow female PM...with whom Margaret shared the nickname Iron Lady {in spite of their opposing political stances}.

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Margaret ushered in controversial, conservative economic policies, quickly dubbed "Thatcherism." She thought these tactics would amp up individual freedom + creativity ~ "Economics is the method; the object is to change the heart and soul."

hear more...of Margaret's uncompromising convictions

"In the 21st century,
culture is power."

Park Geun-hye
the Princess turned President


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A dictator's daughter turned democratic leader. The first female president of South Korea + proponent of reunification.

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As the firstborn of a military strongman, Geun-hye is only too familiar with the pitfalls of hard power. In her 2013 inaugural speech, "Opening a New Era of Hope," she asked her electorate to embrace a "cultural renaissance that transcends ethnicity and languages" + "overcomes ideologies and customs."

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Geun-hye stepped up to be first lady after her mother was killed by a North Korean sympathizer. Her father was assassinated 5 years later.

The orphaned president doesn’t have a "first lady" herself but sees her single status as an asset. On the campaign trail, she told Korean voters ~ "I have no family to take care of. I have no child to inherit my properties. You, the people, are my only family, and to make you happy is the reason I do politics."

Geun-hye is known as the Queen of Elections...see why!

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"Bring tissues."

And..."Take a shower, sit in a room full of pillows, surround yourself with cellphones, and put tinfoil on your windows and don’t leave your house until you figured it all out. Because I should mention the episode is just a giant logic puzzle, and whoever answers it right gets a million dollars from The Voice."

~ Amy Poehler
the star of NBC's Parks and Recreation  |  offering viewing tips for the endearing sitcom's series finale

"In a world in search of growth, women will help find it, if they face a level playing field instead of an insidious conspiracy."

~ Christine Lagarde
the first female head of the International Monetary Fund  |  blogging on laws that restrict women in the workplace

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