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this week ~ wanderlust
june 5, 2015

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.
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Summer may not have officially started, but vacation season is well underway. It’s time to return to the retreats we love and seek out new sights.

The world’s most popular tourist destination? According to Travel + Leisure magazine, it’s Istabul’s Grand Bazaar ~ with over 90 million visitors each year. Times Square comes in a distant #3 with 50 million.

But, if you’re looking for some off-beat + ambitious itineraries, we recommend consulting these seasoned travel guides.


Nellie Bly
the adventurous investigative reporter

nellie bly_newsletter.jpg

“Let me rest rocked gently by the rolling sea, in a nest of velvety darkness, dreaming my own dreams.
Give me that and I have happiness in its perfection.”

source it!

~ a young Pennsylvania writer hired by a local newspaper on the strength of an editorial

~ an ambitious undercover reporter who refused to write fluff pieces

~ the first woman to circumnavigate the world

How did Nellie Bly put her name on the map? By getting herself sent to the “mad house”...so she could write a thrilling exposé on mental institutions.

After a few years’ ceaseless work for Joseph Pulitzer’s The New York World, Nellie needed an idea for her next big story. Then, it hit her ~ “I need a vacation; why not take a trip around the world?”

Of course, Nellie made the journey in epic fashion. And with plenty of publicity ~ from contests to board games, reports to receptions. Determined to beat the fictional record set in sci-fi author Jules Vernes’ Around the World in 80 Days, she did just that ~ clocking a whopping 24,899 miles by train and steamship in just over 72 days.

Hear more about Nellie’s practical packing tips + favorite places along the way...

Nellie Bly

Sheila Johnson
the travel-inspired entrepreneur

Sheila Johnson

“Everywhere I go, I take my camera. It forces me to slow down, and really look, and really see. And what I’ve seen is so inspiring.”
source it! Sheila Johnson

~ the daughter of one of the first African-American neurosurgeons who moved 13 times during her childhood

~ a concert violinist + music major who co-founded the first African-American cable network Black Entertainment Television

~ a pioneering producer, benefactor of the arts, hotel magnet + pro sports owner

Sheila Johnson went from a music educator to the first African-American woman billionaire when she sold BET to Viacom in 2002. Her business + philanthropic ventures have only gotten bigger since then.

For her “third act,” Sheila decided to dive into the 5-star hospitality industry, starting with the purchase of a gorgeous estate in Virginia’s horse country. Middleburg’s Salamander Resort opened its exquisite doors to travelers in 2013.

The previous year, Sheila decided to turn her longtime passions for photography and travel into wearable art ~ with a line of lux scarves featuring lush close-ups of nature + culture. Each collection showcases inspiring sights ~ from Sheila’s journeys to Haiti and Uganda to moments of everyday magic from the grounds of her resorts.

See more about how Sheila’s scarves support women’s street soccer and why she chose the salamander for her brand {+ spirit animal}...

Sheila Johnson

Kira Salak
the author + extreme explorer

“I've told the world that it can do what it wants with me during this trip if only, by the end, I have learned something more.

A bargain, then. The journey, my teacher.”

source it! Kira Salak

~ a state-champion cross-country runner who grew up in the Chicago suburbs

~ a National Geographic emerging explorer + contributing editor dubbed a “real-life Lara Croft”

~ a journalist and travel writer with 3 books + a PhD in English

Traveling for fun is one thing, but Kira Salak sees worth in the hardships an extreme adventure can bring. Each time she embarks on another seemingly impossible journey, she learns from new people + places but also truths about herself. Her capacities, her limits.

In 1995, Kira kicked off her high-adrenaline career by becoming the first woman to cross Papua New Guinea. Since then, she has trekked thousands of miles through the world’s most remote + inhospitable regions ~ from a solo kayak trip down the Niger River to snowy ascents in the Himalayas to a backpack expedition across the Sahara Desert.

Kira’s daring journeys aren’t just about personal growth. She makes them to shed light on stories that would otherwise go unseen by the outside world. Discover more about the stories that have inspired Kira’s acclaimed novels + award-winning journalism...

kira salak

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We’ve been doing our fair share of traveling ~ sharing the mission of Quotabelle with university educators in Florida, dishing Mother’s Day quotes on a lifestyle site in Australia, discovering African-American STEM heroes with the White House Office of Science & Technology + spreading words of support to soldiers and their families around the world.
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“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”  
“I think you travel to search and come back home to find yourself there.”  
“For the designer it is existentially important to get different effects, to travel, to see other things. Creativity needs width.”  

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