march 6, 2015

Happy Women's History Month!

Up this week, 3 leaders in the global fight for gender equality. They're a few of the many everyday heroes working together to level the playing field across the board ~ in government, industry, business, education, media, arts, sports + more.

To move the world forward, we need equal rights. And, #EqualCites.

That's where Quotabelle comes in. Across all media, women are cited far less than their male counterparts. By making female voices more visible, we help undo unconscious biases that hold women & girls back. Not to mention...uncover role models and spark innovations that create opportunities for everyone.

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"Men, their rights, and nothing
more; women, their rights, and
nothing less."

Susan B. Anthony
the suffragist supreme


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A New England school teacher turned feminist icon. A vocal champion for the rights of women, workers and minorities + the namesake of the 19th amendment.

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Susan teamed up with fellow abolitionist Elizabeth Cady Stanton to spearhead the women's suffrage movement. In 1868, the two started a weekly propaganda paper in support of the cause. It was called The Revolution, and this quote was its bold tagline.

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Susan was fined $100 for "illegally" voting in the 1872 general election. She refused to pay and gave a public lecture instead, billed as "the invincible Susan B" ~ "Is it a crime for a citizen of the United States to vote?"

Women wouldn't get the vote until 1920...14 years after Susan's death. She ended her last speech ~ to the National Woman Suffrage Association on her 86th birthday ~ with the apt avowal, "Failure is impossible."

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"Equality for women
is progress for all."

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
the global catalyst for gender equity


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A community development worker who grew up under apartheid. A member of Nelson Mandela's cabinet + South Africa's first female deputy president.

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In 2013, Phumzile was named the executive director of UN Women...which now takes a lead in global celebrations for International Women's Day. Phumzile honored the spirit of the female workers who sparked the March 8 tradition in 1909 in her first IWD address. You can join in on #IWD2015 this weekend!

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This actor + goodwill ambassador gave Phumzile's HeForShe campaign an amazing kick-start in 2014. And, has kept the conversation going since...including this Sunday on Facebook Live!

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Being named as the UN's undersecretary general made Phumzile the highest ranking government official in South Africa's history.

Phumzile isn't afraid to take unpopular stances for a good cause like HIV/AIDS prevention. She's known for facing adversaries with courage + humor ~ "How many people can add to their CV that they've been booed at rallies? You don't get that if you're irrelevant..."

discover more...about the daring diplomacy that makes Phumzile so relevant

"In the time it takes to make a movie, we can change what the future looks like."

Geena Davis
the activist actor


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A former model + Academy-Award-winning actor turned leading advocate for global gender equality.

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In 2007, Geena founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Since then, they've released 2 ground-breaking studies with stats that showcase the imbalances in the global film industry. Such as ~ women account for 23% of movie protagonists. 20% of writers. And, a slim 7% of directors.

The optimistic activist is doing her part to transform those ratios. She's working with filmmakers, screenwriters, producers + other leaders ~ including Phumzile ~ to redirect media towards using its power to create positive change. You can see the difference Geena's making in person...with a trip to the Bentonville Film Fest she launched this year. The winners of its inaugural competition are guaranteed distribution!

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Quotabelle featured Geena's mantra, "If they can see it, they can be it," in our beliefs video. We clearly agree!

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After her institute did the math that showed only 17% of people in crowd scenes were women, Geena came up with an easy solution ~ write 50/50 into the script to reflect real-world numbers. She suggests we all hang this simple reminder on our wall..."There is a great quote from women. It says, 'We're half the population. Duh!'"

see more...about Geena's niche interests in the worlds of cooking + competitive sports

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"Do I spend my time raising money or raising hell?"

~ Barbara A. Mikulski
the 78-year-old Democratic senator from Maryland   |   in a press conference announcing that she won't be running for re-election after 4 decades in office

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